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Why Is Kenneth Goodgame So Important To True Value?

July 13, 2016 by Posted in: Business News

Kenneth Goodgame could be considered the most valuable executive at True Value because he is the senior VP who does merchandising. There are a lot of people who go into stores and do not even think about merchandising, but it is the way that the store looks when they show up. That is something that a lot of people need to keep in mind, and they need to be really sure that they have checked out True Value stores for their simple beauty.

Kenneth Goodgame is a brilliant merchandising mind who has managed to bring together the old school looks of True Value stores with modern products. The stores look like they would have back in the old days, but they have some modern products and styling that looks like it belongs in the newest stores. True Value is competing with other hardware companies, and they are doing so very well because they have their own look and their own style.

They also want to be sure that they are offering people a place to come that is quiet, fun and nice to look at. Ken Goodgame is very committed to making sure that his company is a nice place to visit, and he also makes sure that the company looks like it did back in the old days. People fell in love with True Value many moons ago when their grandparents were shopping there, and Kenneth Goodgame wants to be sure that he can recapture that feeling as much as possible.

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