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Why Eric Pulier is a Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

July 13, 2016 by Posted in: Business News

Eric Pulier is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 15 successful ventures to his name. He is also a published author and columnist, avid technologist, public speaker and philanthropist. Pulier has had a widely successful career and has risen to the top due to his industrious and creative nature. Today, he donates his hard earned wealth to various causes of his choice.


Eric Pulier has founded numerous companies that have done well in their respective markets. These include US Interactive, Akana, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Media Platform and Digital Evolution.

Pulier also has vast interests in charitable organizations and venture capital funds including: eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital and a host of other alliances in the technology sector. However, these alliances are still in formulation and will be announced when completed. Pulier has also shown interest in seed level startups with numerous potential for success. Many of the companies he has invested in have gone on to become successful.

Education Background

Pulier is a graduate of Teaneck High School. He graduated in 1984 and later got admission to attend Harvard University where he attained his BA. He graduated from Harvard (Magna Cum Laude) in 1988. He studied American Literature, English, Visual and Environmental Studies as well as Computer Science. At Harvard, he authored and edited PulierLeg for Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Pulier’s Work for the U.S. Government

Pulier was selected to manage an event dubbed “Bridge to the 21st Century.” The event commemorated the 2nd inauguration of President Bill Clinton and his Vice President, Al Gore. The event was held at the Washington D.C. Mall and was attended by thousands of Americans including government officials and elected representatives. Pulier’s management made the event a huge success and earned him a spot of V.P. Al Gore’s team working on technology and health care.


He developed a multimedia educational program that teaches people about Multiple Sclerosis. He has also been involved in U.S. Doctors for Africa, Clinton Global Initiative, ACE Foundation, Campaign for Free College Tuition and XPRIZE Foundation.

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    Pulier has been an active philanthropist for years. He uses modern technology to develop systems that solve various problems for economically disadvantaged individuals and communities. I also know that the assignment master has given pretty much everything on their end to make things work out well and good.

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