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Why Deirdre Baggot Is Working Bundled Payments Into Healthcare Systems

June 23, 2018 by Posted in: BusinessCompanyDoctorHealthHealthCare Business

Over the past 10 years and beyond, health insurance has seen costs rise higher, yet consumers are not getting more for their premiums. There are healthcare professionals who also have backgrounds in business administration and accounting who are working to change things through lower costs and better care options such as bundled payments expert Deirdre Baggot. Deidre Baggot once said that bundled payments system her firm has rolled out have a track record of making healthcare more affordable since starting in 2010. She and her current team are working on new disruptive bundled payment constructs and are excited about where the future of health insurance packaging is heading.

Deirdre Baggot currently serves as Vice President of the Camden Group, formerly known as ECG Management Consultants that offers its bundled payment system to healthcare providers all across the nation. She achieved a high recognition in the field when she became a reviewer for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services running analysis on the Care Improvement Initiative. Her research on healthcare payment systems and finding new ways to innovate in physician consultation services and other primary health care within the bundled systems has led to the publishing of over 20 papers, and she travels to speak at different health seminars. Follow Deidre Baggot on Instagram

Dierdre Baggot attended nursing school at Southern Illinois University where she finished her first four years in the program, and then completed her master’s at the University of Colorado. She later got her business training at the Wharton school at University of Pennsylvania and the Loyola Business Graduate School. Prior to becoming a private healthcare bundled payment consultant she was an administrator at the Exempla Saint Joseph in Denver cardiovascular institute where she was instrumental in getting a pilot program started for a treatment. Other organizations that she’s given advisory services to include the Veterans Health Administration and Medicare Acute Care Episode Demonstration. Baggot has also made appearances at national media outlets and sat down for interviews for public radio, The New York Times and various television news shows. Baggot is working on her PhD in Health Administration and is also working with a major nursing board. View: