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White Shark Media’s Brilliant Online Marketing Tools in the Domestic and Foreign Arenas.

February 11, 2017 by Posted in: Digital Marketing

White shark media is one of the most praised digital marketing agencies that provides small and medium based enterprises with customized online marketing solutions. They specialize in offering customers with internationally recognized marketing solutions at affordable prices. To date, the firm has earned a name as a leading North America marketing agency that helps a business expand using innovative online marketing strategies and proprietary marketing skills. They manage to ascertain a business’ growth by tracking of a client’s performance in detail using tools such as keyword level call tracking, competitive intelligence and proprietary recording software and Google Analytics. Currently, White Shark Media is governed by Andrew Lolk as the chief marketing officer and Gary Garth as the chief executive officer. It has an employee base of 144 in a count and a client base of more than 600. Annually, White Shark earns a revenue of approximately 3 million to 5 million dollars.


The business which began operating in 2011 by three Danish business people, has gained substantial experience in marketing in both the online and offline platforms. The firm began by focusing on providing exclusive products and services. However, they have released their achievements with the help of prodigious talent from their employees and local and offshore presence with bilingual staff. White Shark continues to offer innovative services and knowledge to its clients using the gained experience and expertise over the years. Aaron V, the owner of a commercial store in Iowa, stated that White Shark has helped his business attract a bigger customer base. Todd. L from Canada expressed his strong belief in the firm by revealing that he will use it for all his marketing needs in future. In 2014, Gary Garth announced that White Shark was set to increase its business to double the size. He assured clients and prospective customers and partners that the firm had the commitment to continue availing transparent and profitable business dealings.

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