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Waiakea Water: Healthy Bottled Water Sourced Sustainably

August 8, 2017 by Posted in: Bottled waterHealthHealthy choicesNaturalWater

It is commonly accepted that water is good for people. After all, it is the foundation of life. However, one misconception is that all water is the same–one must examine the source that it comes from. Of course one is not going to want to drink mud water. But that is not the only water worth watching out for. Water from the tap can be filled with a lot of contaminants that can cause a lot of harm to the body, and some bottled water can be dangerous as well, due to its source, how it is bottled, etc.

Fortunately, there have been attempts to bring forth the healthiest possible water. Some of the companies have done the filtering and adding of minerals themselves so that people will have great tasting water that brings about the greatest health benefits. However, there is something that is even better. Waiakea water is one of the best types of water to drink because it is completely natural, meaning the filtering and mineral-adding all happens at the source, a volcano in Hawaii. All that is done is that it is bottled from the Waiakea springs. People who drink this water get the great pure taste of water as it was meant to be.

When people drink water from Waiakea, they get the maximum amount of benefits that they can get from water. For one thing, they get to focus better because the water improves their energy. Another thing is that water from Waiakea helps with the muscle building. People will be able to maintain and build muscle. The health benefits that come from Waiakea are so numerous that people have to get water from the company so that they can experience improved health as well as increased energy and productivity. This comes with some of the best tasting water they get to enjoy.

Along with this, Waiakea is a company committed to sustainability and ethical responsibility. Waiakea only bottles a small percentage of the water from the source, and the bottles are 100% RPET free. What’s more, Waiakea donates clean water to communities in Africa for every liter sold through their partnership with Pump Aid. Waiakea is committed not only to maintaining the beauty and sustainability of Hawaii, but contributing to the world with their natural, sustainable water.
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