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Victoria Doramus Embraces A Commitment To Philanthropic Work:

December 26, 2018 by Posted in: Journalist

In the expansive realm of digital and print media marketing, Victoria Doramus is a professional that has made an impressive and respected name for herself. She has had a varied number of professional work experiences that have helped lead her to her current standing in the industry. These experiences include working for media outlets that include the Huffington Post. She served as a research assistant with the publication. Victoria Doramus has also previously worked for the renowned producer Peter Berg in the capacity of a personal assistant. Her work in print and digital media has seen Victoria Doramus gain renown for her successes in branding, communications and advertising.

Victoria Doramus is also well known for her dedicated commitment to giving back through philanthropy. To this effect, she actively supports charitable organizations such as the Women’s Prison Association, Best Friends Animal Society and the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Her past battles with her own addiction issues make the work that the Amy Winehouse Foundation does very near and dear to her heart. This organization was founded in the wake of Winehouse’s death and has become a major focus of the charitable work that Victoria Doramus does on a regular basis. These days, Victoria Doramus also does a great deal of work in providing support to young people who suffer from issues of addiction. Through her work, she has helped the lives of countless young people. Her passion for helping animals is what has led her to lend support to the Best Friends Animal Society.

Victoria Doramus holds an academic degree in the fields of journalism and mass communication. She obtained her degree from Boulder, Colorado’s University of Colorado. Since that time, her professional career has seen her become involved with firms such as Creative Arts Agency, Stila Cosmetics and Mindshare among others.

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