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Ukraine Can Be Aided by George Soros

July 16, 2016 by Posted in: Ukraine's Economy

The financial crisis that is going on in Ukraine has been a major news story for quite a while now. Things seem to be getting worse for the country as time goes by. This has not escaped the notice of billionaire George Soros. He has been following the plight of Ukraine for many years because he has had a significant amount of money invested in this country. He was obviously horrified when he heard that Russian tanks had begun to roll into Ukraine in a military action that was condemned around the world. Soros has said that the economic situation in Ukraine has reached a very dangerous point. The country needs help from other nations if it is going to survive. Soros has taken it upon himself to design a plan that will allow Ukraine to get the financial aid it needs to maintain economic stability.

Russia was punished for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by having devastating sanctions imposed against it. Trade for the country has become much more difficult as a result of the sanctions. It has also become impossible for some of the most powerful Russian people to gain access to their holdings in foreign countries. There can be no question that the sanctions have had their desired effect on the Russian economy. However, an unintended consequence of the sanctions imposed against Russia has been the serious economic troubles that Ukraine is experiencing.

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The plan that Soros proposed would require countries from around the world to entice some of their most successful companies to open up offices in Ukraine. Obviously, the companies would need to be given financial incentives in order to convince them to take this sort of risk. George Soros believes that an influx of big companies opening up their doors in Ukraine could give the country’s economy the boost that it needs to avert economic disaster.

Another concern for Soros has been the gas company known as Naftogaz. It is completely owned and operated by the Ukrainian government. It also provides all of the gas to the entire country without a single competitor. Soros sees this as a major stumbling block on Ukraine’s road to getting its economy back in shape. He believes that the way the company sets its gas rates is unfair and that having competition would be healthy. It would give people more gas for their money. According to Soros, having a company with a monopoly on such an important resource that everyone needs to survive is never a good thing.

Soros also wants to help many of the citizens in Ukraine who are having severe financial difficulties. He things that one of the best ways to do this is to give discounts on gas to people who are under a certain income level. He believes that immediate action must be taken on these issues.

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    Soros trusts that the circumstance is dire to the point that quick help is required. Something else, fundamental administrations may begin to fall and a mass frenzy may spread all through the nation. It can also lead to what the paper writer has been able to talk about and that is makes everything is paving the way for others to follow.

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