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The tremendous influence of Boraie Development in New Jersey

November 19, 2016 by Posted in: Real Estate

Boraie Development LLC offers a wide range of services dedicated to all areas of the contemporary real estate market including property development, real estate development and sales and marketing. Boraie’s forte lies in partnering with the strongest financial corporations, visionary architects, and contractors who understand time limits to guarantee timely completion and realization of its building projects.

Omar Boraie, the founder, and president of Boraie Development LLC was originally a chemist in Egypt and moved to the US to study his Ph. D in chemistry before answering to the strong call to venture into the real estate business in the US. Indeed, the company has become a leading developer of real estate in the state of New Jersey, particularly the city of New Brunswick.

Omar had the vision to rebuild the city of New Brunswick, which seemed bereft of hope and any sort of notable developmentManta. At the time, many people termed his vision and ideas as crazy. Looking back at the projects that Boraie Development has managed to undertake, it’s clear that the company has brought about the transformation and development that the city badly needed.

Boraie Company began its impact on property development in New Brunswick City by purchasing neglected tracts of land along Albany Street. In 1988, it put up Albany Street Plaza Tower One, affording the city highly desired Class A offices. In 2003, Tower two was constructed helping the city add to its already growing class A office units.

The top management of Boraie Development later gathered that to attract further growth into the city. Premium residential units on Yahoo had to be put up. As a result, the One Spring Street condominium building was constructed in 2007. Consequently, it led to an incursion of professionals in various fields in the city as well as many investors looking for a stake of the city’s pie.

Recently, Boraie Development completed The Aspire, a 17-story residential luxury building. The building offers the classiest of accommodations for potential renters including a cool design, onsite parking, ample security, a gymnasium, and yoga center, green roofing, a lounge area and rooftop garden.

The company has also partnered with retired basketball Shaquille O’Neal to complete the renovation of an old theater located on Springfield Avenue which is now dubbed CityPlex12 Newark. The new theater on has a 300 seating capacity, and the seats are made of leather. Attendance has risen ever since its completion compared to previous years. This is one among many projects Boraie Development and Mr. O’Neal plan to do in Newark as well as other cities across New Jersey to expand commercial and residential units.

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