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The OSI Industries Food Group Takes Over Major Food Group

March 9, 2018 by Tagged with:
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The OSI Industries Ltd., group is known worldwide for being one of the largest food service providers in the industry and the largest in North America. Their food service competitors have been able to lead the industry with the top processed food products. They’re able to recognize other big names to do business with and have been proudly established since 1992. Based in Aurora, Illinois they have over 20,000 facility employees overseen by professional business man and CEO, David McDonald. In fact, they answer to a stabilized food group approved by the FDA without penalties and fees like competitor networks.

Tyson Foods Partners With OSI Industries

The food industry is very popular because almost everyone must sustain s food diet to live. Thus, OSI never fails to partner with big name food processing groups to bring a larger food selection to their facilities. When an opportunity became available to bid for a local Chicago food plant, OSI was prepared to negotiate. They were able to successfully acquire the Tyson food group and retain the current position of hundreds of potentially dislocated workers. Their stockholders have deemed their achievements have never been better with growing assets estimated over $65.4 billion dollars. To know more the company click here.

Furthermore, they were able to establish a deal with the popular EU food group. OSI will now operate the largest facility in Europe under a deal with the superior Flagship Europe food group. They will process their restaurant condiments and meat patties in a lucrative business deal estimated to be worth millions. The deal has allowed major growth in the Europe food industry and has created a portfolio expansion with international ties for OSI. They have also taken an interest in Baho foods in a Dutch food market merger. India will soon be introduced to their organic vegetables through a food service opportunity to promote all-natural food products worldwide.

The easy to navigate OSI Industries website portal has more details on their food and food contents, bit youbcan also learn how to apply for a unique job position, their executive team, and the local and international communities they serve.