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The Mighty Expansion in Orange Coast College Recycling center

September 20, 2017 by Posted in: EducationSchool

Orange Coast College launched its new recycling center on Thursday, August 21 to enhance extensive redeeming of bottles for California revenue value (CRV). The recycling program has been in operation for more than 45years. The facility roughly worth $7.5million, located on the northern edge of Costa Mesa campus’s off Adams Avenue and occupying about 5acres. Learn more:


OCC is one of the largest and finest colleges in Orange County; it enrolls more than 24,000 students each semester. It has exceptional facilities such as classrooms, conference hall, offices, first aid room, a cleaning area and a 45 parking spaces an extension from eight before. Thanks to the new features such as showers for use after shifts as well as break rooms. The college mainly offers technical career programs with more than half of the students in the faculty.

The OCC Recycling program accepts materials such as electronic waste, e.g., Televisions, fax machines, computer monitors, householding batteries, fluorescent light bulbs.


Further, it takes materials such as aluminum cans, newspapers, scrap metals and plastic bottles. It does not take furniture’s, marine batteries, used motor oils, chemicals or any hazardous waste. One of the primary goals associated with the program is to generate more revenue for students’ projects and offer more opportunities for the public to recycle. Mike Carey said. According to Carey, the number of visitors to the recycling center has increased from between 250 and 300 to 400 people representing 25% increase.


Solar panels are the main source of power in the center’s new administrative building among other eco-friendly materials such as solar tubes for indoor lighting. The administration is seeking for more energy-efficient ways. According to Carey such new digs in environmental and sustainability was a dream come true. The expanded parts and technological extensions of this center are part of OCC’s vision 2020.


There are thousands of reasons why you would prefer Orange coast college ranging from the strategic location, at Costa Mesa one of the safest and most desirable places; the college has strong rankings; being ranked position one for the community college in southern California. The process further provides some reasonable income, according to Jerry Mckinzie, earnings from the recyclable products range from $20 to $40 depending on the amount he brings.

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