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The Interests and Commitments of Avi Weisfogel

July 13, 2016 by Posted in: Dentistry

Did you know that Avi Weisfogel has a strong commitment not only in business ventures but also in charity and social media? I don’t think so. Avi Weisfogel is a serious business person who owns a dental hospital; Dental Sleep Masters based in New Jersey. After securing a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from NY University College, he established Old Bridge Dental Care, his first dental practice in 1999. He managed this dental care for 15 years, earning Best Dentist accolade from his community, multiple times. Moreover, after spending a couple of years studying how patients suffering from sleep disorders could manage sleep, he established yet another health care; Healthy Heart Sleep, coordinating with various physicians across the world to establish and manage sleep laboratories. Watch Avi on YouTube below:

Avi Weisfogel is a father to six children. Being a father has taught him to be passionate about children, taking a keen initiative to help them deal with dental and health concerns. He has done this by supporting an international charity organization called Open Smile.

Open Smile was established in 1980 by a doctor and a partner nurse. At first, the company helped children only in the Philippines before growing and establishing its presence in over 80 countries across the world. Open Smile help children and young adults with facial deformities including Cleft Palate, Cleft Lips, Hemifacial Deformities, Carpenter Syndrome, Craniosynostosis, Treacher Collins Syndrome, and Romberg Disease among others. The organization has successfully completed over 200,000 surgical operations in more than 100 countries to date.

He contributed over $2,500 to the organization to ensure that for every mission they went to in distinctive countries, they would not only have enough medical staff but also supplies, equipment and other necessities.

Avi Weisfogel is also super active on social media platform. He maintains a Facebook and Twitter account where he details his charity and business undertakings, sharing them with his countless followers and friends.

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    Avi Weisfogel support to this organization was through launching a GoFundMe Campaign to stimulate donors to raise money for the kids’ non-medical related problems. It seems I will use the cheapest essay writing service to achieve my plan for them in the future too.

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