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Securus Technologies Takes Over JPay

February 6, 2018 by Posted in: Prison Communication

JPay Acquisition by Securus Technologies


JPay Incorporated and Securus have signed a stock purchase agreement that will see JPay taken over by Securus. Securus Chief Executive officer has termed the purchase as a way of getting the corrections technology solution provider into the industry’s fastest-growing segment. The segment includes the provision of tablets and emails to inmates. He said the move now enables Securus to offer any technology or software based item needed by correction agencies in their operation. He also said the partnership will allow both companies to offer customers secure products at the best price. JPay CEO said the partnership will accelerate its growth through the Securus wide prison networks that it services. JPay will continue to run with its own management, but will now be a wholly owned Securus Technologies subsidiary.


About JPay


JPay is a technology company that is accredited for introducing entertainment and educational apps within prisons in the US. It is operating in 33 state prisons. The company is based in Florida and provides 1.6 million inmates with tablet apps, payments, and emails. Correctional agencies use this technology to reduce inmate recidivism. It was founded sixteen years ago to offer payments but has expanded to offering inmate digital platforms combining kiosks, inmate tablets as well as cloud access. This enables inmates to listen to music, read books, play games, shop, and access educational material.



Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has been in the Inmate Corrections service for over twenty-five years and currently serves over one million inmates. It offers a wide range of technology solutions to various State corrections departments. It has a customer service rating of A+ and is present in approximately three thousand prison facilities within the country. The partnership will enable it to benefit from JPay’s tech innovations. Securus commits to finding communications solutions for inmates.