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SEC Whistleblower Program

December 16, 2016 by Posted in: Lawyers

The United States Congress passed a new law in 2010 known as the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This new law would provide more regulation and oversight on the finance industry. As well as regulating the finance industry, this new law adopted a new whistleblower program. This would allow a number of individuals and companies to come forward and report unethical activity taking place in the industry. The new program would also provide compensation for those who win any case in a securities law violation dispute. Individuals looking to take advantage of the new whistleblower program will receive assistance from a qualified SEC whistleblower lawyer.


Any business or individual that is looking to take advantage of the SEC whistleblower program will need to be represented by an experienced SEC whistleblower attorney. The best way to do this is to get representation at the law firm known as Labaton Sucharow. This firm has been around for a number of years and has developed a reputation of being the premier law firm when it comes to securities law litigation. Labaton Sucharow is currently led by Jordan Thomas who was once working for the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a result, he is very well versed on the securities laws and how to best represent his clients in litigation cases.


When looking to get representation from Labaton Sucharow, clients will not only receive assistance from lawyers but also other professionals such forensic accountants, investigators and financial analysts. Each of these professionals will work to come up with the necessary information for a given case. Financial analysts will go over the investments and transaction activity made by anyone who commits unethical activity in the finance industry. Forensic accountants will look to find fraudulent transactions while investigators will look to gather other information that will prove that wrongdoing took place in the industry.


Clients who are looking to get represented by Labaton Sucharow, will first need to arrange an initial consultation. They will need to discuss how they were victimized by unethical activity. A lawyer will be assigned to submit documents stating their case which will be reviewed by a court. The defendant will usually have time to respond and agree to a settlement. However, if the defendant does not agree to a settlement, then the case will be taken to court. At the court proceedings, a lawyer will represent a client in front of a jury to seek a favorable ruling. If successful, the client will receive up to 30% of the amount won that exceeds $1 million.


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