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Richard Mishaan Design Combines Traditional and Modern

September 16, 2017 by Posted in: ArchitectFashion

Richard Mishaan Design is known for creative design that transforms a home using lighting and furniture. His clients range from upscale homeowners to hotels. He has a way of arranging competing elements into a design that works. His work on hotels has been in Columbia, New York, Florida, and the Dominica Republic.

His design is different and he believes its more important to have a talent for design than money. One of the couches he owns is over 20 years old. His belief is when you buy good quality furniture it lasts a long time. He owns a furniture shop in Greenwich that sells a wide variety of pieces. He stocks furniture from his own line there.

He believes in transforming a small or large space into something beautiful. With small space he opens them up by painting the walls with white colors, uses low furniture, and floating beds.

His own home is filled with antiques, quality furniture, and art pieces. It has a wooden vaulted ceiling. His kitchen is blue and white and patterns of plaids and stripes can be found everywhere in his . The bathroom has special designer wallpaper and in his decorating he combines modern and traditional design.

One of his project was Karen Silverman’s home. The woman lives with her husband and two sons. In her home he has created a sense of serenity. He coordinated large spaces and changed the furniture layouts. The house has antiques and modern design combined. The colors he used were white, brown, and neutrals.

He draws his inspiration of design from everything around him. Frequently he visits art galleries and attends design shows. He sees movies, attends fashion shows, and attends the theater. He watches how people live their lives and then plans on how he will transform their space.

His combining traditional and modern design and making it work well is his trademark.


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  1. Patricia Solomon Post author

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