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North Carolina is Very Lucky to have Imran Haque at Its Service

October 3, 2017 by Posted in: Dr. Imran HaqueHealthCare Business

Imran Haque is a doctor that works in North Carolina, specifically its rural areas. He’s a member of the staff at Randolph Hospital, among other hospitals, and operates his two practices in Ramseur and Asheboro, both small towns in the Tar Heel state. Dr. Imran Haque founded Horizon Internal Medicine by himself, still operating both locations by himself to this very day, after just one year of starting his career as a medical doctor working in hospitals.

This popular doctor is thought of very highly by his patients. To prove this sentiment true, the Internet is loaded with reviews and responses to how well Imran Haque’s services have served their individual needs. Imran Haque has served the state of North Carolina for sixteen years, expecting to continue helping rural North Carolinians lead healthier lives through the wide range of medical treatments and procedures he provides.

Imran Haque first started at the Universidad Iberoamericana, a Caribbean medical school that isn’t often heard of. However, UNIBE – its initialism – is the top-ranked graduate medical instructional facility across the entirety of the Caribbean islands. He graduated in 1998 with the accolade of honors, then attending the University of Virginia to work towards his license to practice internal medicine.

In 1998, just weeks after he completed the Caribbean medical instructional program, Dr. Imran Haque enrolled in the Virginia graduate school’s Internal Medicine Program at its Roanoke and Salem facilities, two of the most popular cities in Virginia.

Dr. Haque also worked in rural areas in Virginia, not just in the two crowded cities above. Here, he learned that he couldn’t be satisfied further than satisfying the needs of rural residents of the Southeast. Three years after he started his residential program, he earned a license to practice internal medicine, immediately moving to North Carolina.