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Mr. Omar Boraie and Boraie Development Company

April 18, 2017 by Posted in: Business Tycoon

Mr. Omar Boraie is a visionary real estate businessman and the current Vice President of Boraie Development Company, which transformed the New Brunswick into the urban orchard. Mr. Omar surprised the people of New Brunswick with his plans of building modern houses, elegant apartments, and community houses in the area. With his company, Boraie Development, Mr. Omar has managed to initiate several projects in the horizon of the New Brunswick. Examples of the projects that were initiated by Omar include the Albany Street Plaza, Rector Street, and Aspire. Together with these projects, Omar has managed to change the New Brunswick Community as a whole. Also, Boraie Development has some ongoing projects in the Atlantic City and Newark.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Omar ensured that his company establishes some projects in the New Jersey. As mentioned before, one area, in which Boraie Development Company branched out its projects is the Atlantic City. Boraie Development knew that this area had the opportunity it was searching, which was land. Therefore, Boraie Development Company used the opportunity to establish retail buildings and restaurants. View Omar Boraie’s full bio on

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Omar is also a leading philanthropist ( in the area of New Brunswick. He has been involved in several social activities. Through his company, Mr. Omar has sponsored several prestigious institutions, which are involved in the arrangement of summer events. Furthermore, Omar worked as an advisory board member for a Rutgers based non-profit organization known as Elijah’s Promise. The responsibility of the organization is to provide meals to the hungry community and at the same time uses food as one of the tools to transform New Brunswick Community. Besides, Mr. Omar Boraie understands that developing communities is one of the pre-requisites for property development. This is the best way to earn the trust of the members of the community, in which you are holding prestigious projects.