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Mike Baur Abandons his Lucrative Banking Career

July 27, 2017 by Posted in: BusinessBusiness NewsBusiness Tycoon

Mike Baur is a well-known businessman who has had a very inspiring and impressive career life. Baur was born and raised in Freiburg, a region location in Switzerland. After completing his high school education, the entrepreneur was admitted at the prestigious Bern University for his degree. Later on, Baur went to the University of Rochester to polish his finance and banking skills. Baur’s educational background is believed to have played a fundamental role in his success.


When he was just sixteen years old, Mike Baur realized that he was very passionate about banking. According to the prestigious Wall Street Journal, Mike Baur was a young finance expert who was a force to reckon with in the complicated industry. The businessman was given promotions when he ventured into the industry, proving to the community that he was good in his skills. The finance expert worked in several organizations before he could eventually start his firm.


After working in the banking world for a while, Baur was promoted to serve in an advisory position. Although he was not yet thirty years, the talented businessman was good in giving the Swiss investors the advice they need to take on the business industry. Some of the wealthiest individuals in the country benefited from the advice offered by the businessman. His success did not stop Mike Baur from leaving the employment industry.


After receiving a generous compensation at the banking company, Mike decided to start his firm in the year 2014. His passion for helping upcoming entrepreneurs gave him the motivation he needed to excel. His company specializes on technology entrepreneurs who want do make profits in the competitive world.


With the help of several business associates, Mike Baur started the Swiss Startup Factory. All his business partners were experienced and knowledgeable in the finance world, and this has played a primary role in the success of the company.


The Swiss Start up Factory is an incubator program that assists people in business with training and mentoring services. The firm also supplies the upcoming entrepreneurs with the funds they need to start their businesses. The program takes three months, and it has helped very many people in the country. The educational program also gives the people in business the networks need to excel in the industry. As the president of the institution, Mike Baur had done a lot to ensure that the incubator program is successful at all times.