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MB2 Dental Frees The Dentist To Be A Dentist

August 10, 2017 by Posted in: BusinessDentistDentistryHealthHealthy choices

The states of Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Louisiana are the homes of at least eighty affiliated dentist associated with MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 promises new dentists and dentists that want to multiply their dental practice, an Independent clinical practice, support from dental colleagues, personal financial transparency and the opportunity for growth opportunities and ownership.

MB2 Dental Solutions provides structure to a dental practice that does not want such administrative responsibilities as payroll and Human Resources, marketing, legal matters and maintain licensure compliance, which includes credentialing. MB2 has retained a competitive team of professionals.

MB2’s mission is to effectively and efficiently run a dental management network of dentists who own their dental practices for the primary purpose of allowing dentists be dentists. MB2 recruits new dentist every year at dental schools, such as Texas A&M College of Dentistry, to introduce newbies to the network and to expand the network beyond the six states.

It is MB2’s goal to promote best dental practices and to encourage communication. Dental schools, like all professional schools, do not concentrate their efforts on the business of a dental practice. Such as,

Human Resources (HR)

The purpose of HR services is labor and employee relations, benefits, payroll, acquisition of talent, compensation packages, compliance with diversity requirements, and the introduction of new technology. Effective HR for a dental practice is critical to maintain a competitive practice and to sustain the MB2 organization.

Accounting and Financing

Maintaining accounting procedures and keeping the confidence of administrative as well as financial records, enforces the financial stability of MB2. A certified accountant is retained by MB2 to prepare tax returns consistent with the IRS and other administrative offices.

Credentialing of Dental Practices

Dentists cannot practice dentistry without being in full compliance with the process of credentialing. MB2 administers the credentialing process to ensure that the prospective dentist can be maintained as an affiliate member. MB2 can only move forward after the potential member provides the necessary information to support the affiliate’s credentials.


MB2 Dental’s expertise is dental regulations. Compliance with dental regulations can easily overwhelm a dentist as an owner of a dental practice. Federal and State laws must be kept up to date. The regulations will audit all dental procedures, including clinician notes and charts. Compliance involves such areas as Data management, maintenance plans, remote and onsite computer support and business network solutions.

Billing and Collections

MB2 bills all insurance companies and maintains records on each patient. MB2 will also follow with any payments in default, handle any collection service issues and follow-up with any aged accounts.

Dental Practice Marketing

Of all the services monitored by MB2 marketing is one of its most essential services. Maintaining and growing a brand is critical in increasing dental practice revenues.

Social Media

Placement on the internet is taken for granted in all business. For instance, LinkedIn is a person to person and company to company interactive media which is critical to maintaining and promoting dentist recruitment, and dental practice network.

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