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Making the Best out of their need for Quality Food-Nathaniel Ru

November 22, 2016 by Posted in: Health and Wellness


Everything you do should last more than you that is the believe of Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel Ru and his friends found it hard to find an eating place which was easy and fun to be during their studies at the Georgetown University in Washington DC. Six years after they had completed school Nathaniel and his friends established an eatery place in the M Street in the Middle town area.


The eatery area has become a 21-store-farm-to-table style restaurant known as sweetgreen as described by the founder Nathaniel. Ru was very lucky as the apartment owner where he stayed during his campus period, was also the landlord of the tavern where he wanted to locate his restaurant. The owner did not listen to them, but they did not give up on their dreams they were very ambitious. The owner finally agreed, but she sent them back to come with a fine business plan, an architect and also people who would back their business. After three weeks they came back with all the requirements from the landlord. She gave them a chance and as Nathaniel explained that it was the right time for them to start the business.


Sweetgreen restaurant which has been expanding since it was founded has other branches in the Northeast’s major cities as well as its suburbs including Philadelphia, Boston, New York, as well as Washington. The eatery joint offers fresh food that is ordered directly from the farmers. The founders of sweetgreen have created the place as not only a place to buy food but also a fun place to be. The eatery joint was started with a deeper purpose as mentioned by one of the co-founders Theresa Dold who is also the head of digital marketing in the company.


Sweetgreen Restaurant wants to be unique, sexy, social, smart and be able to be local. Every year the restaurant holds a dancing event. Dold did not forget to mention that people do not buy what you do but instead they buy how you do.


Nathaniel Ru graduated from the Georgetown University of McDonough School of Business in2007 where he graduated with a BS in Finance. Nathaniel is also the Chief Executive Officer of the fast casual kitchen. IN 2010 Nathaniel and his partners’ founded sweet life which is one considered to be the largest music and food festival. The music and food event attract more than 20000 people who enjoy food prepared by top chefs.


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