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Kim Dao Gives a Quick Japanese Apartment Tour

February 21, 2017 by Posted in: Youtube Bloggers

Kim Dao is the most energetic Australian blogger for which we have ever encountered

either on the Internet or in real life. The video for which we have selected for

review is entitled, “My Japanese Apartment Tour!” We were intrigued.



Kim Dao is smart, bright, perky, personable, amiable, well-spoken, an excellent

speaker and does an incredible job on the videos. She narrates them, includes soft,

but hip music in the background (it isn’t overpowering) and includes bits of Japanese

culture as she goes throughout the apartment, explaining where everything is and why

it’s there. She even gives us a quick glimpse of the neighborhood in which she lives.


Kim Dao also employs pop-ups, i.e. towel, kitchen tools, slippers, Pikachu collection,

random stuff, etc. These single or double-worded bits of information make for are

another fun aspect of her videos. Just so that you can keep up with her (she is

seriously like a wind-up doll), there is an arrow accompanying the words to the

topic at hand.


What’s incredible about Kim Dao videos is that they are so well done! There is no

camera shake, random cut off’s or horrible sound errors. We do not begin on the

bedroom window and end up in the laundry area.


Learn more:

Kim Dao


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