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Karl Heideck, The Legal Barrister

May 3, 2017 by Posted in: Lawyers

Karl Heideck, The Legal Barrister

Karl Heideck, The Legal Barrister

Litigation refers to the process of resolving a case through the court system. Those who have sued or been sued clearly understand what this entails. A litigator, based on the above definition, is a person who has pursued law as an attorney whose work is to work in close collaboration with clients, interview them, assist in preparing and trying lawsuits, and at times, represent their clients in the cases that they are involved in. A career in law entails going to a law school where you undergo intense training on legal matters, graduate honorably, get licensed to work as a lawyer or counsel and begin practice. From this, a qualified lawyer should be analytical, a critical thinker, persuasive, a negotiator, a researcher, excellent at fact finding, legal writing and have the general knowledge and understanding of courtroom procedures.

Karl Heideck, a Philadelphian, Pennsylvania attorney is one legal expert who has worked excellently in lawsuits specializing in litigation, compliance, and risk management. Karl Heideck pursued English and Literature at Swarthmore College then later attended Tempe University for legal studies. He passed the state bar exam and received a JD in 2009. Karl has over seven years of experience in filing and responding to motions and complaints, lengthy preparation for court hearings: obtaining personal jurisdiction, pretrial and post-trial, and defending clients. Karl Heideck has become very significant in handling disputes related to family, crime, business, insurance, real estate and better still litigation. His command of legal language, conflict resolution, negotiation, settlement and being the quick thinker he is has made him perform exemplary well in lawsuits.

He began his practice as an associate at Conrad O’Brien, a company where he was in commercial litigation. He also served as a Project Attorney at the Pepper Hamilton LLP, dealing with materials for investigation, trial and discovery in 2010. Since then, Karl has been working as a legal counsel at Grants & Eisenhofer where he has interacted with clients of all kinds ranging from crime to business to family disputes

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