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Jason Hope’s Generous Donation For Anti-Aging

January 3, 2017 by Posted in: Biotechnologies

Jason Hope has his base in Scottsdale, Arizona and he takes his passions quite seriously. He is an entrepreneur whose passions are in educating individuals about the benefits of philanthropy, curing diseases and research in biotechnology and science. His education has given him the belief in educational programs. He supports organizations trying to prevent diseases. Organizations intent on the control and eventual cure of diseases.

Jason Hope has put his time into multiple foundations who have the same goals. Whose beliefs in what the world could be reflect his own. His beliefs are so incredibly strong, he pledged half a million dollars to a foundation called SENS. The SENS Foundation is fighting all diseases caused by age. Technology has given the scientific community what they need for development and promotion in rejuvenation biotechnologies. Dr. Aubrey Grey has been working in this field for a long time. The doctor believes the advances in human medicine will allow cures to be found for diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Atherosclerosis. Jason supports these beliefs.

The announcement of Jason Hope’s donation was made at a philanthropy event in San Francisco, California. The idea is the creation of a new industry for biotech’s. To be the catalyst responsible for the beginning of the necessary changes. Rejuvenation biotechnology is still considered a new field. The projects that have been launched were specifically designed to catch the attention of people like Jason Hope. Regenerative medicine has been given some of the money needed for research and development by Jason’s generous donation. His donation has been called a bold commitment in the fight against aging.

Arteriosclerosis is when the arteries start to harden. The condition is caused by age and is responsible for most of the high blood pressure suffered by the elderly. The condition can also lead to diabetes. Presbyopia is a large factor in the aging of skin. Jason’s donation will help to find the answers needed for both of these conditions.

The SENS Foundation was founded in 2009 and is non-profit. Their goals are to make access available for the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies. They have taken the steps to stop diseases related to the aging process. Their focus is on the damage that builds from the metabolism so as to have the ability to stop the deadly consequences.

For more information, find Jason Hope on Facebook.