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Jason Hope – An Entrepreneur and Futurist with a Window Into the Future

January 14, 2018 by Posted in: BUsinessmanIT News

For humans, diseases become more common as they age. Cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, and osteoporosis are examples. Unfortunately, the world’s healthcare system commits resources and places focus on treatments rather than prevention. Jason Hope, an Arizona philanthropist and futurist, believes people can live longer if the aging process slows down or is reversed.


As such, Hope has aggressively supported the SENS Foundation for several years. His support started with a donation of $500,000 in 2010. At present, the SENS Foundation leads the way in helping the public gain access to emerging technology that can help slow down the aging process and prevent age-related illnesses.


Jason Hope praises the work of the SENS Foundation. He supports its forward-thinking strategy of fighting age-related diseases. As a futurist, Hope predicts that SENS research will be the catalyst for change throughout the medical industry. His mission is to help SENS expedite their work.


Mike Kope, the Foundation’s CEO, made mention of Hope’s donation and support. Such donations help the Foundation to accelerate its work in ways that will surely benefit the entire world. As such, generous funding from all sources can help tremendously. The SENS Foundation, specifically, is developing medications called AGE-breakers. These components will have the ability to prevent certain proteins from bonding. The result is that such research may help arteries from hardening. This hardening can trigger high blood pressure, and other diseases like glaucoma or diabetes. The medical industry has largely ignored this type of medical solution. SENS research can bridge the gap and bring anti-aging closer to reality.


Jason Hope has an undergraduate degree in Finance. He received his MBA from ASU. Investing in mobile communications gave him a start. He saw it as the biggest catalyst that would drive change at the time. This all laid the foundation for his future in technology and medical research.


He earns his income from the technology companies in his portfolio. Some of these businesses include marketing services, solutions for digital media, business information and computer systems, and software. He knows that the world’s future relies on advancing technology. Technology is the one thing that connects things, people, and places. As such, he keeps a keen eye on where technology leads.

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