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Healthy Snacking and Living with Hippeas Brand

October 4, 2017 by Posted in: Uncategorized

A Chicago based private equity firm along with one of the most recognizable actors in hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio have flexed their investing muscles by investing in Chickpea Puff Snacks’ Hippeas Brand. The Strand Equity alongside Loenardo DiCaprio invested last month in Green Park Brands Inc which is the parent company which is based in Santa Monica for n amount that they have declined to reveal. Livio Bisterzo, Green Park’s Chief Executive and Founder, has also refused to share the amount that was invested in the company. Despite this, he was able to share the brand has managed to accumulate 2.5 million dollars in total. This sum is inclusive of the previous and the latest rounds with Angel Investors and friends coming up for the remainder of the total. The Hippeas brand started selling under a number of different retailers from the month of March of the previous year. This helped them to bring in a total of 2.5 million dollars in wholesale income in the remainder of the year 2016.

According to their calculations, Livio Bisterzo shared that he estimated that the company expected to rake in 11 million dollars in wholesale in 2017. Due to the connections and experience that Green Park boasts of, they are more than capable of taking their products into various stores quickly directly. The brand also looks at releasing to new consumer brands which are Kyoku, a grooming line for men, and Little Miracles, that makes tea drinks. Licio Bisterzo states that they knew beforehand that innovation of products was a very sensible move. They aimed to come up with snacks that were healthy and covered all current big trends. The brand, Hippeas, is available in Vons, Starbucks and Albertsons in the United States and shall also be available in Target and Kroger Co. stores later on in the year 2017.

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur from Italy who currently resides in Los Angeles. In 1999, when he was 18 years old, Livio moved to the UK to attend the University of the Arts, which is a prestigious university in London. In 2011, he acquired and invested in Little Miracles, a Danish beverage business which was just a start-up. It went on to win awards worldwide and in 2013 was the quickest growing FMCG SME in Europe.