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Guide to UK Wine Vintners and Merchants

November 2, 2016 by Posted in: Wine MerchantsWine Sales

For wine connoisseurs, a superior vintner or wine merchant can open the pathway to developing a diverse and well-defined personal tasting palette. An experienced wine seller can provide a wealth of knowledge and a wide spectrum of choices. Whether you are looking for a rare vintage, to discover a new region, or just hoping to find competitively priced cases, we’ve compiled a go-to list five excellent wine vintners and merchants in the UK.


1. Laithwaite’s Wine

Laithwaite’s currently operates a number of shops around the UK and one of the top online wine websites. Whether you have an aversion to running your hands over the glass bottles before making a decision or are looking to have your favorite bottle delivered straight to your door before your next weekend soiree, Laithwithe’s has over 1,500 wines in all varieties.


2. Lea and Sanderman

These online UK Vintners call themselves the “most original wine merchants.” They have four brick and mortar locations, in Chelsea, Kensington, Barnes, and Chiswick. They also sell their fair share of wine online. Whether or not you’re are looking to buy in-person, be sure to check out their website, which features super helpful buying guides, blog posts, and frequently posted articles.


3. Wine Anorak

Wine Anorak isn’t exactly a UK vintner, but it does provide one of the most extensive databases of UK wine merchants. The website isn’t too to fancy, but you’ll find an all encompassing, alphabetical list of wine shops. They also feature an easy-to-use wine store locator. You can use your zip code to find a wine store nearest to your current location.


4. Farr Vintners

Farr Vintners is Britain’s largest wholesale wine provider and it has been that way for quite some time. They pride themselves on their diverse collection and sales of Bordeaux wines. They hold stock in some of the top french wines, but also offer a large collection of wines from around the world. While most of their sales are to wine sellers, they do offer competitive prices for individuals.


5. Highbury Vintners

Highbury offers everything from champagne to fine wine. Although their specialty may be their ability to provide premixed cases. You can purchase these cases, which have been tasted and paired for your enjoyability, online or in-person. They also offer customers a wine of the month club and many eclectic tastings. As for as UK vintners go, Highbury is great.

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