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Genucel Provides Natural Anti Aging in a Bottle

November 24, 2018 by Posted in: Skin Care

From celebrities to your coworkers and neighbors, almost everyone is looking for the fountain of youth. The anti aging industry is a multi million dollar money maker. While natural aging is inevitable, there are possible ways to slow the progression. George Faltaous founded a company in 1999, Pharmacist, which which manufactures Genucel, which is a series of plant stem cell therapies.

Faltaous decided that nature was the best source of anti aging products.

Natural beauty products can be traced back to the Mayans and Egyptians who utilized plants and herbs. Nature based products are less likely to cause adverser affects unlike chemical products. Some of these include dark spots, burns, and swelling.

Genucel products include grape seed oil, vitamins A and E, and Ester-C. The product line includes

One of their best sellers include their Eyelid Treatment which claims to aid in droopy eyelids. They also produce Platinum Dark Circle Treatment, and Deep Firming Serum. The entire line focuses on various areas of the face and is comprehensive. Whatever your desired affect is, there is a product to address it. They also offer a subscription service which features products delivered every 60 days.

In addition, their prices are comparable to other well-known anti aging products. They offer free three-day shipping and if you are not satisfied, they offer free returns. They recently rolled out a new product, Genucel Jawline Treatment. This product targets the “double chin” area and smooths wrinkles in the neck area. It utilized MDL Technology which includes natural vegetable oil of Meadowfoam.

Another factor in the Genucel products are utilizing ingredients that are found in our own bodies.

Their products are thoroughly tested and have been supported by testimonials by hundreds of users. While some companies claim their products can totally reverse or prevent aging, Chamonix’s claims are more realistic about the outcomes. Their customers appreciate their approach and have become loyal users of the brand.

More information including product order can be found on their website,