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Foodservice Innovation, Excellence & Determination: OSI Industries

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OSI Industries has come a long way since its inception back in 1909. This extraordinary food wholesaler wasn’t always at the top of its class. Located in Oak Park, Illinois, this particular meat locker actually came from humble beginnings. Back in the early 1900s, OSI was owned by a family that was known as the Kolschowkis. Otto Kolschowki founded the company shortly after relocating to the US. This immigrant was part of Chicago’s 25 percent German demographic. By providing some of the best tasting meats in the area, Kolshowski was able to build his brand by forging numerous deals with food retailors. The state of Illinois has always been a large participator in agriculture thanks to its rolling farmlands and Kolshowski used agriculture to boost his sales.

In the late 1960, cryogenics changed the game for the better. Food providers could now distribute their goods over longer distances without ever having to worry about the meats going bad. This opened up the door for big business, especially if you were part of wholesaling food products. The company didn’t change its name to OSI Industries until 1975. It was being promoted as Otto & Sons prior to the 1970s. In1973, OSI built its first factory that was dedicated to beef. Since the company was already one of McDonald’s main suppliers, a new facility was opened in West Chicago. Everything about this facility was geared toward the hamburger making process.

As the decades continued to pass, consumer-driven products were the norm. OSI Industries jumped into custom-food production. By taking a client’s specific instructions, the R&D specialists here could turn an idea into an actual product. No other food provider was doing as much as OSI and the results definitely showed when it came to earned revenue. In 2011, the company was ranked by Forbes as the 136th largest private company in America. During this year, OSI generated more than $3 billion. This upward trend has continued to this very day. Unfortunately, this short article won’t do OSI Industries any justice. In the end, the results truly speak for themselves.

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