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Dr. Saad Saad Aids Palestinian Children In The United States

January 8, 2019 by Posted in: Health

Dr. Saad Saad has dedicated his life to be able to improve the lives of children through his talents as a doctor and surgeon. From early on in his career, he realized that children of all backgrounds and financial statuses needed medical help and he wanted to be able to serve every child regardless of their situation. This has led Dr. Saad Saad to engage in many different efforts to help these children.

When Dr. Saad Saad was asked by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund for his assistance in 2002, he knew that he had to try to make a difference. The organization was founded in 1991 to help the children in the Middle East who needed medical help. A 15-year-old had been shot in the West Bank and while the doctors in the area had done everything that they could do with their limited resources, he needed additional help outside of the local area. When Dr. Saad Saad agreed to perform the surgery on the child, the child was flown to the United States. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

His condition was very serious when Dr. Saad Saad met him. The gunshot wounds had left holes in his abdomen that was causing a large amount of pain and difficulty eating. The surgery that he performed on the teenager lasted approximately 7 grueling hours. In the end, he was able to close the gunshot wounds and repair the internal injuries that he sustained.

Dr. Saad Saad continued to work with the Palestine Children’s Relief fund in 2010 with a young girl who had a devastating birth defect. She had been born with her intestines outside of her abdomen and doctors had not been able to do much to help her in Palestine.

They had been treating her for 18 months before she was flown to the United States to undergo surgery by Dr. Saad Saad. He was able to help the girl by performing surgery that covered her intestines and allowed her to live with a much higher quality of life.

Once again, Dr. Saad Saad was called upon to help the organization in 2013 when a child became paralyzed on the Gaza Strip after being struck by a bomb in the war-torn area. Before being injured, the boy had enjoyed a love of soccer and through a nerve transplant was able to play again on the Gaza Strip just 11 months after the surgery.