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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva: The Brain behind MB2 Dental

June 24, 2017 by Posted in: DentistDentistry

Dr. Chris Steven was born in Ohio, and later moved to South America and Asia. He graduated his high school education at the Caracas and Venezuela respectively. Dr. Chris has a wife called Carol who is a physician and owns a legally established practice in the Northern part of Texas. He has four beloved children. Dr. Villanueva career history is inclusive of many years as an advocate of the practice model for focused doctors. He is a dental director, a mentor, and an associate doctor trainer. He also has a great passion for maintaining the dental doctors professional. Dr. Chris Steven is also the founder of MB2 dental. Mr. Chris has an excellent understanding of the business world, a skill that has helped him in the proper maintenance of the autonomy of his fellow dental doctors. Dr. Villanueva also advises upcoming dental doctors and dental students on what to do once they are through with their education. Read more about Dr. Chris Villanueva on

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva who is a very active medical practitioner opted to start up an organization known as MB2 with the motive to uplift the best ideas of sole dental practitioners and the whole dentistry industry. Having worked as a sole practitioner and also as a corporate practitioner, he had all the skills needed to start his organization without compromising any codes and ethics of this medical professional and dentistry at large. MB2 Dental was founded to solely focus on dentists’ growth, autonomy, support, and creating fun as dental practitioners altogether. MB2 also helped to improve the operating standards of dental practitioners leading to better delivery of services to the patients.

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Dr. Steven got the idea to start up the MB2 Dental after his graduation from the dental school. After his graduation, he just had two options either to commence his career as a sole practitioner or to join other dental doctors in the large economies of scale. Therefore, he had the idea to start up his organization that would help to bring together dentists from the large economies of scale and the sole practitioners. Dr. Chris appreciates that he has linked himself to people who are smart and great at work and in their social life. He continues to say that such people help him to collect great ideas and apply them in his daily life. He also believes in getting information from the internet through extensive research hence calling himself a tech-guy. Read more on about Dr. Chris Villanueva.