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DeVos Interview Helps Reveal A Soft Image Of Politicians

October 6, 2016 by Posted in: Philanthropy

Politicians are always blamed for their lack of interest in understanding challenges faced by an average American. As such, most politicians are portrayed as power-hungry individuals who don’t want to work on the grassroots level of the society. Therefore, a recent article published on the website of a prominent philanthropy foundation is interesting in the sense that it offers readers a glimpse into the “soft” side of politicians.


When interviewed, Betsy DeVos, wife of the Republican politician, Dick DeVos, revealed how she and her husband started a successful nationwide campaign to allow children of low-income families to select the college of their choice. Interestingly, both Betsy and Dick realized that they wanted to give an opportunity to low-income parents by providing their children tax credits and education vouchers so that children can go to better educational institutions. Accordingly, Betsy revealed that she and her husband have committed themselves to educational-choice movement because they think that other families should also have a choice to send kids to the school of their choice. As a result of the initiative, thousands of children of low-income parents are able to get funding for their school of choice, just like the children of DeVos.


Dick DeVos


The successful relationship has allowed Betsy to support her husband initiate numerous successful ventures in business. Actually, Dick DeVos is a businessmen and politician by profession. His interest for sports and philanthropy is inherited from his father Richard M. DeVos, Sr. who is a well-known fatherly figure to thousands of Americans. Walking on the footsteps of his family, Dick DeVos initially helped his family by running successful operations at Amway and Amway International. During his tenure as a President, Amway extended its operations around the world and continued to report profitable years.




Dick DeVos is also engaged in numerous philanthropic activities, particularly education. For instance, the Education Freedom Fund, awarded nearly 4000 scholarships for underprivileged families in Michigan. Likewise, nearly 50,000 children are getting funds for education through initiatives supported by DeVos in Florida. He is also involved with West Michigan Aviation Academy – the school that focuses on Aviation activities integrated into educational curriculum. Actually, Dick DeVos has also offered Millions of dollars to revitalization and development of the Grand Rapids area.


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