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David L. Giertz- Financial Advisor

June 10, 2017 by Posted in: Financial Leader

David Giertz is a financial advisor working with Nationwide Investment Services Corporation in Dublin, Ohio. He is a qualified business graduate from the University of Miami where he graduated with honors. Giertz is currently the president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial Services, Inc., serving in the position since 2013. He also serves at several other nationwide companies as the president, senior vice president and director.

Giertz has over 31 years of experience in financial and insurance world. He is highly knowledgeable and has been at the forefront in transforming the company towards achieving its financial goals. He has enabled the company to attract more customers through his strategies. David is a registered broker who deals in buying and selling of business securities such as mutual funds, bonds, stocks, and other products that relates to investment. The brokerage firms being registered with FINRA take part in transaction of securities for its own account as dealers and in the place of its clients as brokers on

David L. Giertz approach on Social Security and Retirement Benefits

Since a lot of people invest in social securities, their plans defer according to their age bracket, where most of the plans are what first comes into their mind. David Giertz is of the opinion that financial advisors should be liable for informing their clients on decisions over the social security plans they arrive at. According to David, many people prefer advisors who will educate them on the numerous plans, the returns and benefits associated with the plans. Putting money aside for retirement and being able to know its benefits is the most important thing, since a lot of people who are about to retire and those already retired have little understanding of social security. Hence, a lot of people end up receiving lesser retirement benefits than what they were anticipating due to taxes that they were not aware of.

Benefits of social Security Know- how

According to research by his institution, David affirms that advisors will end up losing up to 80% of their clients for failing to advise them accordingly about social security and its benefits at He says that reduction of funds by up to 40% during retirement leads to disappointment and financial strains to those clients who don’t understand social security well despite being paid well during their employment.