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ClassDojo: Enabling Online Learning through Noble Platforms

December 25, 2018 by Posted in: Education

Technology is vastly growing. So do the various options for gathering as well as sharing information. While it’s fun to find cat gifts and funny memes online, there are critical scholarly citations as well as subjects on the public domain that are accessible through various technological platforms. ClassDojo is one such platform that is now making it possible for students to learn through different interfaces. The app is a tech-based tool used to improve the learning process of different students.

ClassDojo is highly recommended for teachers at all grades. From its reviews, many teachers find the application to be useful when it comes to tasking students with assignments and monitoring their progress. With that said, it’s vital to note that teaching middle school isn’t for the faint heart. Therefore, many teachers have been using ClassDojo to help their students to understand technical subjects. Not only is the app easy to use but enables you to choose an icon for each class.

ClassDojo allows you to award your students with points. You can also activate the assistant icon to award the entire class once you have an active app. This enables them to understand that the teacher has recognized that they are following class procedures. Besides, ClassDojo makes a happy sound when awarding students. This often gets the student’s attention.

ClassDojo is an online platform that assists students, teachers, as well as parents to support their scholars in their learning processes. To successfully use the app, teachers have to register to acquire a free account. This is followed by creating classes for their students. The student app has an access code to allow students to customize their avatars and see classes including individual progress. Parents are allowed to access the same information. Teachers are allowed to change the learning systems as well as skills through which they can obtain feedback.