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Avoid The Risk To Financial Security With USHEALTH Group

December 20, 2017 by Posted in: HealthInsuranceUS


The greatest risk to someone’s financial security is the emergence of a health event. As a result, many people end up losing their property, and other investments to cover for the emergency. However, with an insurance plan from the USHEALTH Group, there are wide arrays of policies to choose from. Through this insurance company; you will create an affordable plan to protect your family and yourself, from the greatest financial security risk. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Cruncbase


The USHEALTH Group is the most trusted and popular insurance company across the Texas region, in the United States. Since its formation over 50 years ago, it has set the bar for the insurance industry high, due to its success in offering full tailor-made health policies. As a result, over 15 million clients have benefitted from its array of policies.

Under the able leadership of Troy McQuagge, the CEO, it has gained recognition mostly, due to its innovative products. One of these products is the Premier Choice. In addition, under the leadership of Troy, in 2016, it gained accolades with over ten awards. This includes the most coveted Stevie Award, for being the most innovative insurance company of the year.

For USHEALTH Group to reach a wider base of clients, it operates through subsidiaries, like the USHEALTH Advisors, The Freedom Life Insurance, and the National Foundation Life Insurance. This ensures that the customer has access to their services and policies, at any part of the United States. This helps the company in fulfilling the commitment and attention the customers need.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

In attempts to meet the needs of the customer, this insurance company has gone beyond what is in the insurance market.They offer insurance policies that are unique, affordable, comprehensive, and innovative. One of its insurance products, the Premier Choice, stands out in the market. It gives the customers a chance to take the ownership of the cover, and access to supplement their available health plans.

In addition, the plans offered covers for a wide range of policies, like the Secure Advantage, Dental and Vision care, MedGuard, and accident care, among others. These comprehensive covers ensure that every client gets what they feel they deserve. The USHEALTH Group offers these plans to individuals, who are self-employed, small business properties, and their families.

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