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Andrew Rolfe Impresses At The Ubuntu Education Fund Gala

August 19, 2017 by Posted in: Education Fund Gala

The amount of £603,000 that was raised at the Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala that was held recently in London would not have been possible without the active involvement of Andrew Rolfe. The event had been held in order to aid the disadvantaged children who are residing in Africa. This amount that was raised at this London gala is roughly equivalent to R10 million in South Africa. There was a goal of £600,000 at this fundraiser. This money had been raised in order to expand the student capacity at the Port Elizabeth campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund. A part of this money will be used to improve the pediatric clinic that is associated with this campus.


The Ubuntu Education Fund has made use of its manpower and other resources for serving more than 400,000 disadvantaged people based in Africa. The Port Elizabeth campus has a program that is specifically for disadvantaged children. It ensures that the health as well as education needs of these kids are met from the time they are joining in the program till they get ready for their career.


It was in 1999 that the Ubuntu Education Fund was founded. At that time it was a small charity. It was focusing on educational tools as well as their availability only. This was when the founders of the fund realized that several other serious problems were also there and these had to be addressed too. These included hunger and HIV. Hence the Fund expanded its reach as it wanted to include provisions for health, home stability and a lot more.


The Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund is Andrew Rolfe. He ensured that nearly 300 of the well-known socialites as well as philanthropists of London attended this charity gala. He welcomed everyone to this event on behalf of his organization. This was followed by Xhosa chorals. Later there were inspiring speeches that moved the audience. There were real life stories about how the Ubuntu Education Fund and the encouraging mentors are helping kids to come out of their problems and be able to lead a quality life.