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An Overview of Sleep Apnea.

October 26, 2016 by Posted in: Dentist

Sleep apnea is one of the most chronic sleep disorders to affect is a health dysfunction that disrupts sleep due to difficulty in breathing. It has now significantly increased the number of times that a person wakes up at night however it has been linked to other common health hazards including stroke and diabetes.


Sleep apnea greatly affects the male who are obese, they also tend to have large necks. Dr. Avi Weifogel who started Dental Sleep Masters has broad knowledge on sleeping health disorders and how to treat them, Dental Sleep Masters brings together staff members to help find better treatment solutions of the sleeping disorder and providing accessible medication, therefore, encouraging more patients suffering from sleep apnea to acquire treatment.


Dr.Avi Weisfogel.

Doctor Avi Weisfogel is a well-established dentist, He got his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology at Rutgers University and DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He opened his first dental practice in 1999 and managed the office Old Bridge Dental Care for over a decade. He entirely put all his work and effort in studying and treating patients with dental dysfunctions and also sleep disorders for more than 20 years.


Through his great work, He was severally awarded by his community as the best dentist, he later opened Dental Sleep Masters in 2004 to bring together dentist and other doctors in helping patients with sleep apnea. Dr.Weisfogel has nurtured and taught dentists and doctors in using oral treatment as well as creating awareness to the community in reducing the risk of acquiring sleep apnea.

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