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An Interview with Adam Milstein

This recent interview with Adam Milstein showed the world a lot about the Real Estate market, the people that are involved in it, and how to make it a substantial income for those that want to get involved. He has an inspiring story that led him to his success today and a lot to offer the people just getting started.


Adam Milstein moved out of Israel in 1981 to come to the United States to study and work. He earned two degrees in southern California. One in Commercial Real Estate, and an MBA in entrepreneurship.


He now manages Hager Pacific Properties and is the National Chairman of Israeli-American council, as well as working on multiple other philanthropist projects to improve the world that he lives in. With all of this, he rarely has a boring moment. He claims to love what he does for a job and doesn’t seem to tire of it. When he does have free time, he chooses to spend it with his loving wife and children. He speaks a lot about how family is always his number one priority.


The interview showed us a lot about his methods and mentality that got him to the point he is at today.


“If someone else can’t do it, you should do it yourself.” Says the Real Estate Investor.


One of the points he prioritized making in this interview was that you have to follow through on everything you do, or else you won’t find any success.


Milstein also spoke of his love for work. He claims to have never had a bad job. Everything for him has either been a success or a learning experience. through out the interview, he made it seem as though he brings this mentality to everything that he does. Whether that be philanthropy work, and Real Estate work, he puts all of his efforts into it and doesn’t quit until he has succeeded.


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