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A Focus On Dick And Betsy DeVos’ Philanthropic Donations

April 13, 2017 by Posted in: Philanthropy

Over the years, Dick and Betsy DeVos’ contributions to the Republican Party and its candidates have always been a topic of discussion. However, I believe that the public and the media have not been interested in their charity contributions, which exceed their political donations by almost 10 times. In their lifetimes, the couple has donated more than $139 million to charities.

The two were born in wealthy families. Dick DeVos is from the DeVos Family, the owners of the Amway Corporation. Betsy is the daughter of Edgar Prince, the billionaire owner of Prince Corporation. I am certain that their lives do not center on owning cars and expensive clothes. The couple prefers to appear on headlines for their charity causes rather than luxury lifestyle. This is in line with the DeVos Family’s wishes. The DeVos Family has donated over $1.2 billion to different charity initiatives, making them one of the most philanthropic families in the United States. The family’s donation is almost a quarter of their estimated $5.2 billion fortune.

When one talks about charity, I believe that many people think about food and health donations. However, Dick and Betsy’s donations have a different twist. The couple prefers to channel their donations to education initiatives. In 2015, the couple donated $3 million to various educational causes. This amount accounts for over 26 percent of the money that the couple donated in the whole year. Moreover, the family’s foundation awarded $357,000 to charity groups seeking to enhance educational reforms. Dick posited that they have been spending on education with the objective of ensuring that every child can access educational opportunities. It is not a surprise that President Donald Trump appointed Dick’s wife, Betsy, to be the 11th Secretary of Education. This information was originally mentioned on MLive.

Dick and Betsy have also been the main advocates for the voucher and charter schools. Some people have criticized the project for siphoning money from the traditional public schools. However, Dick believes that the problem lies with the employees and not the system. He says that many teachers and administrators have helped the system work. I am optimistic that the educators have ensured that every child reaches his or her goal in life.

About Dick DeVos

Richard Marvin “Dick” DeVos JR is a Michigan-based entrepreneur. The sixty-one-year-old business executive is the former CEO of Amway, a consumer goods distribution company founded by his father, Richard DeVos. He is the president of Windquest Group, an investment management firm that he founded in the early 90s. Dick is married to Betsy DeVos, the current Secretary of Education in the United States.