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NewsWatch Moving Forward by Doing What They Know Best

Anyone who worked for Avanca, which is the company that invented the Ockel Sirius B pocket PC, realized that they needed an extra push when it came to advertising. So to make sure that the 30 day goal set at $10,000 was reached Avanca, signed up with NewsWatch. NewsWatch is known for doing segments that reach viewers on television and online. Though NewsWatch TV Reviews are typically one minute segments, the segments are powerful and informative. While moving forward with their Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo, Avanca knew they were making the right choice by adding NewsWatch to the mix.

Prior to signing up with NewsWatch, Avanca had no idea the amount that would be raised would be over $450,000. Now remember this amount is is just within a 30 day period. So if you do the adding, Avanca accomplished over 2,900% over there goal. The fact that NewsWatch advertises on television and not just online makes their company much more popular. Some audiences do not have computers, they still rely on television when it comes to finding out about new products, this is where NewsWatch comes in. 96 million households were reached, in over 200 markets via NewsWatch, which is remarkable. As for online, there were over 1 million impressions.

Saygus is a smartphone manufacturer, who also needed a boost in advertising. NewsWatch came to their aid, by strategically airing the interview in Barcelona during the World Congress, which gave the segment, that much more drive.

Saygus successfully raised over $1.3 million, after setting a goal of $300,000. After a great experience and lots of online views, Tim Rush, vice president of Saygus, highly recommends NewsWatch.

HCR Wealth Advisors: Paving the Way to a Safe Financial Future

If you want to achieve financial independence, you may have to do systematic financial planning from the very beginning of your career. There are many people out there who are trying hard to develop an investment strategy but may not be able to get the results they were looking for. Many financial planning firms can help these people develop a financial plan that gets them the results they are looking for. Achieving financial independence is a complicated process and needs a lot of discipline and management. With the help of financial advisors, you should be able to develop a financial strategy that can help you meet your financial goals.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a financial advisory firm that was established thirty years ago by Greg Heller. He started the firm to help lend financial advice to people who were looking for help with managing their money and to invest smartly. Many people from the middle strata of society often do not plan early enough for their future or mismanage their money. Investments play a significant role in wealth creation, and if you are not able to invest intelligently at the right time, you may have a tough time financially in the future. As many investments require a reasonable amount of time to mature, make sure that you invest regularly and from the very beginning of your career.

HCR Wealth Advisors will go through each client’s financial history and situation to evaluate financial strengths and weaknesses. Conducting this financial check-up helps the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors to craft an investment strategy that is personalized and as per your specific requirements. With the help of the financial professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors, clients can be better positioned to enjoy peace of mind, knowing they are planning for their future and retirement. Having money systematically invested and continuously monitored by financial advisors paves the way towards a safe financial future. So, go for the free first consultation with professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors today.

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The History Of Neurocore And Neurofeedback

Nowadays, Neurocore is one of the leading authorities on applied neurosciences but, many years ago, two famous scientists became the founding fathers of modern electrophysiology and bioelectric theory and paved the way for some of the most effective neurofeedback technologies we use to this day. Back in the late 18th century, Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta began experimenting with frog legs by attaching them to an iron fence during a thunderstorm and observing the effects of lightning on them. They discovered that the legs would contract whenever any lightning streaked across the sky and they theorized that this was due to dissimilar electrical properties in the lightning. However, it wasn’t until the 1800’s that they were finally able to prove their hypothesis. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Their findings and research would eventually pave the way for the invention currently known as the electroencephalogram or EEG for short. This is the same technology that Neurocore uses to this day as they attempt to use neurofeedback on patients in an effort to treat their depression. Of course, nowadays, EEGs are most often used to treat people with various brain disorders and mental deficiencies but, back in the day, it was initially used as a treatment for epilepsy. This machine displays a person’s electrical impulses as lines that go up and down which allows scientists to monitor these waves and diagnose their patients more easily than ever before.


During the mid-1920’s, Hans Berger became one of the very first scientists to ever study the effects of an EEG on a patient and he documented his findings in his 1929 paper which was appropriately titled “About The Human Electroencephalogram.” His findings and research were widely considered to be groundbreaking and would eventually lead to the innovation known as the Quantitative Electroencephalogram. Nowadays, Neurocore uses that kind of technology to monitor the brainwaves of their patients in an effort to determine the inherent causes of their patient’s depression. One day, they even hope to develop a surefire cure for this affliction. So we wish Neurocore the best of luck in achieving this goal and hope they have much success. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Dherbs:- Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine is gaining fame in the United States and other parts of the world. Although the process is slow, the progress so far is remarkable. The campaign to embrace holistic medicine is being fuelled by companies such as Dherbs, Inc. who feel the need to put an end to Western Medicine. Dherbs, which was founded in 2004 by A.D. Dolphin is at the forefront of making sure people embrace the healing methods used in the past.

Dherbs is based in Los Angeles, California and it focuses on distributing herbal products. It is ranked as one of the most prominent companies in the United States when it comes to holistic medicine. The organization seeks to revitalize the existing knowledge in regard to ancient methods of detoxification. Further, it seeks to promote health that comes from within a human’s body, since it believes optimal health comes from within and not from the inside. Find out more about Dherbs at

Herbal medicine, as Dherbs asserts, aids in detoxification. Particularly, at a time when most people are eating heavy and unhealthy diets, leading sedentary lives, and being affected by chemicals found in food, home, electronics, and beauty products, interfering with the body’s cleansing capabilities is becoming popular. The company understands this to well, which is why it develops herbal detoxifiers that when used, help an individual’s body be prepared for rapid changes.

Dherbs has a wide range of detoxifying products including teas, sprays, and herbal supplements among others. This gives people broad options and also helps the company reach a broader market. You can choose the one that best meets your needs but one thing you should be guaranteed of is that the products won’t disappoint you. Their products are constantly improved, with new remedies created along the way. They also offer mentorship to willing individuals.

Using herbal medicine has several benefits including promoting excellent mental health, preventing avoidable diseases, sustaining a healthy weight, lowering stress levels and increasing lifespan.

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Hyland’s Oral Relief Baby Tablets: A Safer Medicine For Children

If you want a brand of medicine that is safe for your child and has proven to be the best to take with over 100 years in the business, go with Hyland’s. They have the tablets that are designed with your child’s well being in mind. Your infants can take these tablets as well.

Hyland’s tablets come with a proven formula that takes away the fever and pain of teething, getting multiple shots, or any common virus your baby picks up. You do not have worry about the medicine being hard to swallow because each pink pill dissolves the minute it hits their little tongues. It relieves symptoms fast so that your children can be back to normal in no time. You should consider as parents that your children’s health is a priority, and no one will be there to help you in times of sickness like Hyland’s.

Hyland’s has been in business so long and mothers trusted this brand of medicine over all others for years now, making it the number brand to go too. There are other medicines that help your child as well. You can find help for coughing and sneezing, mucus relief, and colic. So whether your child is teething, dealing with a cold, or cranky from dealing with colic this medicine will give them the relief they need to go about their everyday activities. Your baby and children will be up and running in no time thanks to having the best medication out there.

Hyland’s is the medicine for any sickness your baby has. Why not give the brand a try the next time your child is in serious pain or running a fever? You will not regret trying these tablets and dissolve and bring relief so quickly. Give your children the best brand.

A Brief Overview of Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s Life

The current head of orthopedics at the Bronx-Lebanon team in Bronxcare Health System, New York, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a man renowned not only in the facility but across most healthcare halls thanks to his skill and wit when it comes to reconstructive surgery. Prior to Bronxcare Health system, Dr. Ira was working at Kaiser Permanente system as the head of adult reconstructive surgery. He has also worked and served various senior roles at other prominent facilities such as DTC Healthcom. The doctor who happens to be an alumnus of the Thomas Jefferson University currently specializes in joint and bone issues at Bronxcare. Due to his prominence in healthcare, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has been featured in myriads of interviews, the most recent one being on


During the interview, the doctor revealed that the idea to establish his company struck him when he was creating a website for Medscape. Having been in the healthcare sector for a long time, Dr. Ira is usually quick to notice the various changes and trends shaping this arena. During the interview, he is quick to point out that he is currently excited by the value-based healthcare trend as it enables practitioners to define value in health care based on the outcomes of the patient’s analysis.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum believes that his habit of connecting and networking with other surgeons and healthcare personnel is what makes him more productive both as a doctor and as an entrepreneur. If he is given the opportunity to advise his younger self, then he would tell Young Ira to ensure that he finds people who are doing better than himself that are within the same scope as his, and learn how they do it. Even though most people are usually quick to disagree with him, the doctor says that he believes that there is a positive change within the horizon of healthcare.


More facts about Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum


The doctor has been serving on the board of the American Academy of orthopedic surgeons since the year 1995. Besides knee, hip and shoulder replacements, he is also skilled in information technology, process re-engineering, and innovative design.

David McDonald: The Man Behind OSI Group’s Spectacular Arc Of Growth

OSI Group’s growth rate the past few decades has been nothing short of spectacular. Its success in since the turn of the millennium is something for other companies to aspire too. No individual has played a bigger role in the company’s success than David McDonald.

David McDonald serves as both its president and Chief Operating Officer (COO). He knows all the ins-and-outs of OSI having been with the company for multiple decades. He joined the company straight out of college landing the position of project manager. It can easily be deduced by where he is today in his career that he’s come a long way since then.

OSI Group is a premiere privately owned holding company of meat processors that supplies value added food products to prominent foodservice and retail food brands all over the world. It has become a leader in the industry despite starting off as a small local butcher shop founded by a German immigrant in Chicago. OSI is probably best known for its relationship with the illustrious McDonald’s restaurant chain. Once only the primary meat supplier to the fast food chain for the Midwest region, it is now its primary global supplier.

About David McDonald OSI Group

It seems as though David McDonald was predisposed to have a career in the food industry being born and raised on a farm in a rural part of Northeast Iowa. David is an alumni of Iowa State University, whereas a senior he was given the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. An award only given to those who have shown excellence in their academics and university/community activities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science he received upon graduation.

David McDonald is still an active participant in various initiatives around the Iowa State community. He’s donated funds in support of both the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship fund. Both are very important to the university and David’s contributions are much appreciated. So much so that the college gave him its Emerging Philanthropist Award.

Robert Ivy Giving Insights on The Importance of Proffessional Associations

There are numerous tremendous benefits in one belonging to a professional association. Professional organizations act as industry regulators and offer individuals learning opportunities that even schools and on job training could not provide. According to reports from the American Society of Association Executives there exist more than 92000 professional and trade association in the United States. Many people do not know the difference between a trade organization and a professional association. The main difference between the two is that while trade associations attract companies as members, professional associations members comprise of individual workers.

One person who has an in-depth knowledge of how associations operate and the benefits they offer to members is none other than Robert Ivy. Ivy serves at the leadership of the American Institute of Architects. Ivy is the association’s Executive Vice President and also the CEO. Ivy assumed the position of AIA CEO in the year 2011. Ivy an alumnus of Tulane University and Sewanee: The University of the South has a Masters of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts Degree in English acquired from the two respective universities. Follow him on Twitter


Robert Ivy Began his career journey in 1996 working as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Ivy later moved to McGraw Hill Construction Media where he served as Vice President as well as the Editorial Director. Robert Ivy in his longtime career has won several prestigious awards. In the year 2009 Ivy was honored with the Crain Award that is regarded as the highest award in the business media industry. Ivy in 1998 was awarded the McGraw Hill Award for being the best manager. Ivy in 2010 received the highest honor in the architectural fraternity, he was voted as a Master Architect. Read more on

According to Robert Ivy some of the benefits of belonging to a professional association include lobbying for industry interests. Unlike trade associations that mainly lobby for political interests, professional associations try to sway policymakers to create policies that will benefit the industry players. Ivy gives a practical example where Architects despite their small numbers were able to affect the tax legislation through their strong advocacy organization. Other benefits professional associations provide to members include networking opportunities and earning credibility. It is easier to gain credibility when one is a member of a professional organization as associations have specific values that members should adhere to and are held accountable.

Making millions by investing in Freedom Checks

The Trump Bonus Checks is an investment opportunity that was introduced by Mike Burnick, an approved investment advisor. The idea was given this moniker so as a marketing strategy. Although some people think it has relations to president Trump giving out free checks, it is not a government program, and it is not related to President Trump. Burnick is asking investors to subscribe to his Infinite Income newsletter that will show them how to make some good investments. He is going to share with them the companies that offer the Trump Bonus Checks.

Another investment concept that is similar to the Trump Bonus Checks is the Freedom Checks. It is one of the concepts that every investor should look at and determine what it can do for them. The term Freedom Checks came from Matt Badiali. He coined that name as a marketing strategy. Just as with the other idea, many people first thought about it as a government program that would be giving out free checks to the people. Matt Badiali described the idea as a way of Americans making huge amounts of money in a short time. However, there are so many get-rich-quick schemes in the country that people fear investing in anything that promises to make one quick riches. Many investors were first afraid and hesitated to invest. To know more about the company click here.

Although there were doubts about this program, it was legit, and the person behind it was also legit. Matt Badiali is a geologist and a financial expert. He advises investors how they can invest in natural resources. He is experienced as an investor and well educated to known everything that is happening in the industry. He has traveled around the world looking for more information about the global mining sector. He has understood the market so well that he can now make impressive returns. So, when Matt Badiali is talking about Freedom Checks, he is doing it because he believes it is the best thing to do. Freedom Checks is an investment opportunity that no investor should ignore. Already some investors are making huge returns because they never doubted the idea when he first introduced it.


March Beer is Accumulating Funds to Enhance Research and Development in Treatment of Pelvic Floor Disorders

Apparently, health sector is experiencing turbulence times due to the rising cost of healthcare, which is caused by a large number of individuals demanding advanced healthcare services and the emergence of lifestyle diseases. A number of startup healthcare facilities have not been able to start their operations due to lack of the necessary funds. However, this has not been the same for an experienced healthcare practitioner, Marc Beer, who has been able to raise funds with the sole aim of starting a healthcare facility.


The founder of Renovia, a medical facility that is mostly focused on providing medical attention to the women, who have been experiencing a significant number of health problems. Marc Beer is mostly focused on ensuring that he has sufficient funds to solve the existing pelvic floor disorders such as urinary inconsistency. The funds raised will be used in performing various roles in the development of a medical facility that will help women to solve their medical challenges.


The funds collected will help in conducting one of the most important undertaking in the healthcare industry; research and development. Statistics show that only few research studies have been done on the area of pelvic floor disorders. This means that there is no sufficient information that can be used to developing preventive and treatment alternatives. The funds that Marc Beer has raised will be used in helping the organization to conduct further research studies which will help Renovia medical facility to understand the disorder in a better way.


Marc Beer also plans that some of the funds will be used in development of the treatment methods. According to Renovia Inc., some of the treatment methods have already been developed and approved by the FDA and the only remaining strategy is to produce the treatment device in large quantities while at the same time making it accessible to other women around the world. The remaining funds will also be used in formulating other products that will also play a vital role in treating women.


About Marc Beer

Marc Beer is one of the most experienced expert and entrepreneur who has been operating in this industry for more than twenty five years. He is a skilled individual who understands the whole process of diagnostic and development of diagnostic devices, some of which are already in use in the medical industry. He is the current co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer at Renovia, one of the upcoming healthcare facility. Learn more: