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When Shervin Pishevar Breaks Twitter Silence, He Doesn’t Mess Around

That ended in a big way as February 2018 begin. Shervin Pishevar went on what was considered by many as a strange 21-hour Twitter rant on subjects ranging from immigration to inflation. Among his most amazing predictions was the state and future of the stock market. Here are some takeaways from his string of missives.

The Future of the Economy, According to Pishevar

One of Shervin Pishevar’s first pronouncements was impending stock market drop of 6,000 points. The basis for this prediction was a combination of tax giveaways, unstable credit markets, and a rise in interest rates. According to Pishevar, the unreliability of government bonds will make their use for quantitative easing ineffective this time. That has been a traditional solution for the Federal Reserve in the past to stabilize the markets.

What’s the Upshot?

It would be easy to dismiss such gloomy predictions if not for Shervin Pishevar’s long history in finance. In addition to founding Investment company , he is also an angel investor extraordinaire and venture capitalist who sunk a lot of funding into companies like Uber and Airbnb. That’s why so many in the worlds of finance and economics are sitting up and taking notice of such dire predictions.

His last tweet prior to this was on December 14 of last year. He took to the Twitterverse.

Pishevar also discussed the possibility that trade destabilization and the emergence of China as an international tech player will unseat the kings of Silicon Valley. He feels this will also solidify the hold of the Big 5 tech companies, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, as U.S. monopolies, as most of the competition will come from overseas. Only time will tell if any or all of these predictions will come true.