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What are The Health Benefits of Herbalife Products?

November 23, 2018 by Posted in: Health and WellnessHealth Company

As a nutrition company focused on making the world a healthier, including the lives of its workers, Herbalife Nutrition was honored to receive recognition by Forbes’ list of one of the best employers in three years. Jean Marie Cacciatore, the chief of human resources at Herbalife Nutrition said that the company capitalizes in creating major nutrition guidelines to help clients live better, healthier lives. The companies mentioned on the Forbes’ list of best employers were selected on independent surveys by panelists from Statista’s portal. Some of the key metrics of the research findings included monitoring the willingness of the company’s employees to recommend the firm to others and the opinion of employees from other companies regarding Herbalife Nutrition. The survey also included firms from various industries.

Herbalife Nutrition is an international dietary company whose objective is to help consumers indulge in better life practices. The company’s mission is to foster nutrition by changing people’s lives by providing high-nutrient products and programs. With its independent distributors, Herbalife Nutrition is committed to offering solutions to worldwide problems including obesity, poor nutrition, age-related diseases, and skyrocketing public healthcare. The company manufactures high-quality products through a scientific approach. They are also manufactured in facilities operated in the company to ensure they meet the required standards of product manufacture.

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Herbalife Nutrition supplies its products through multi-level marketing and applies a community-based support system to help its consumers embrace an active lifestyle. The company’s targeted nutrition and energy fitness products are available through its distributors who are situated in more than 90 countries. The firm’s corporate social responsibility supports Herbalife Family Foundation to bring proper nutrition to needy children. Over the years, Herbalife has sponsored world-class athletes, teams, in addition to other events in the world including the LA Galaxy.

Herbalife Nutrition is an excellent employer to more than 8,000 employees globally. Its shares are also traded on NYSE with an estimated annual net sales of $4.4 billion one year ago. The company encourages investors and stakeholders to visit their website and garner vital information regarding the updated company profile. Herbalife continues to offer health-based products for a better lifestyle. One of the leading brands it is prominent for is the shake mix. It has a unique mixture of fibers, essential nutrients and soy proteins for a healthy heart. It also motivates weight loss. In reality, the mix shake isn’t just a meal substitute drink since it offers nutrients and vitamins.