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The Symbiosis of OSI Group and McDonalds

November 20, 2018 by Tagged with:
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OSI group is a leading food provider worldwide. OSI group began mainly due to the influence of the immigration history of America. Otto Kolchowsky, a German immigrant opened a retail meat market and butchery with the aim of serving the German immigrant population. The business did well and Otto was able to expand it into a wholesale business after a decade. He moved operations to Chicago suburbs following the growth of his business.

The business grew steadily and was renamed to Otto and sons. The business was small but it had made its mark as one of the vital businesses in the American community for business. There was an economic growth post the war that brought luck for Otto and sons. The company got a deal with what was the very first McDonalds restaurant to be their supplier of ground beef. Few years later, Mr. Krock became the CEO to the current day OSI Group McDonalds Corporation. This was an opportunity for growth for Otto and sons since they soon started supplying fully for the McDonalds restaurants that were growing fast regionally. The collaboration between McDonalds and Otto and sons brought the business to the limelight highlighting Otto and sons as a fast growing business. To know more about him click here.

Otto and sons transformed into the OSI group. The company was now responsible for producing consistent meat products for different restaurant chains worldwide. A closer bond was formed between OSI group McDonalds when flash freezing technology was introduced. The technology allowed OSI group to supply for McDonalds worldwide mainly because of the established friendship between the two company owners. The close business relationship led to Otto and sons building the factory that is dedicated to the production of meat products for OSI Group McDonalds.

The constant growth of McDonald chain of restaurants as led to a continuous growth of business at the OSI group. The growth of OSI Group McDonalds internationally was responsible for the success of OSI group in international business. This growth of OSI group has made it to become one of the top four suppliers for McDonalds.