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Ted Bauman is a financial consultant and the chief editor of Banyan Hill Publishing. He is credited for offering practical financial and consultant services on areas such as investments, low-cost housing projects, urban housing plans, and other areas. Ted Bauman was born in USA, Maryland. However, he moved to Cape Town, South Africa where he studied different degrees in history, economics and political science. Bauman is of the view that the listed areas are interconnected and essential in the empowerment projects. His activities are propelled by the desire to aid other people to attain financial freedom as a way of attaining an improved quality of life. He has further engaged in charitable events such as the founding of the Slum Dwellers International, low-cost housing projects and acting as an executive of different non-governmental organizations.

Contributions Made by Banyan Hill Publishing and Ted Bauman

The Banyan Hill Publishing was founded with the objective of offering investment guide son both regional and global investments. Its roots can be traced to 1998 where it was named the Sovereign Society. However, the named changed in 2016 where it became known as the Banyan Hill Publishing; Ted Bauman became engaged in the services after the resignation of his father in 2013. During his reign in Banyan Hill Publishing, he has overseen the introduction of innovative products and services such as the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alerts, Plan B Club and the introduction of ETF Trading Platforms. The products are tailored to need the interest of the clients and conform to the market trends.

Bauman can be regarded as being a skilled individual who has worked in different organizations. In the past, he worked with major organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations, European grant agencies, the South African government, global corporations, and other agencies. While in the USA, he played an instrumental role in the creation of economic and social policies that upheld equality. During the previous settings, the policies were seen to sideline some groups in the USA. Through his services, he has managed to empower disadvantaged groups in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He is credited for creating low-cost housing projects and offering investments guides.