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October 1, 2018 by Posted in: Health Company

Sussex Healthcare was established in March 1988. Its founders are Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The firm provides support services and care homes. All its functions are mainly based in Sussex. Presently, the Sussex Healthcare has 20 care homes that are run and managed by the company’s management. All the care homes focus on helping the clients to access improved services to support and allow them to regain their healthy lives. Visit Job Medic to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare focuses its services on caring for the aged people and the adults that have mental challenges such as Alzheimer’s Disorder and dementia. It also provides care and supportive services to individuals with learning and physical difficulties. Also, Sussex Healthcare cares for the patients that have neurological disabilities.

Currently, Sussex has over 250 employees who provide services to the many clients that receive care services on its premises. Its employees comprise of doctors, nurses, neurological experts, nutritionists, and counselors. It also offers opportunities for finance experts who are tasked with the duties to manage and plan for all the finances of the company. Read the articles by Sussex Healthcare at Medium.

Sussex Healthcare is among the leading care homes that have an excellent reputation in Sussex. It has been performing throughout its existence. Surprisingly, Sussex started its operation with only one care home and has grown to have about 20 homes now. Its growth has been facilitated by its dedication and unique care philosophy to providing quality services to its clients. Some of the homes under Sussex Healthcare management include Forest Lodge that is located Edward, Clemsford House that is about two kilometers from Horsham in West Sussex, and Longfield Manor that is situated in Billingshurst. Other Sussex care homes are Kingsmead Care Center that is one of the modern care homes of Sussex and was established in Horsham, Upper Mead that is based in Henfield and is a leading nursing home in the region, and The Granary that is located in Broadbridge.

Other care Sussex care and nursing homes are Woodhurst Lodge in Crawley, Sycamore Lodge located near Horsham, Beechcroft Care Center in the East Grinstead, The Laurels in West Sussex, and Beech Lodge & Oak Lodge in Clemsfold.