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Paul Mampilly Helps Everyday Investors

November 23, 2018 by Tagged with:
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Paul Mampilly is currently serving a a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing specializing in writing for main stream Americans giving advice on stocks and investing. Paul Mampilly started career in 1991 after receiving his BBA in Accounting and Finance from Montclair State University. He worked his way up through the Wall Street ranks managing ever larger portfolios and suggesting stocks. He received his MBA from Fordham Gabelli School of Business in 1997 and continued to build his resume. Paul Mampilly Has Struck Gold Again.

Paul Mampilly made a name for himself first during the boom in the late 1990’s. Paul was able to spot the bubble and it’s inevitable burst early enough to sell his stocks and save his clients from losing money. In 2009 he won a competition hosted by the Templeton Foundation when he was able to turn $50 million into $88 million during the inflection point after the great recession. Most recently he predicted the cryptocurrency bubble. Paul Mampilly’s strength is being able to see the big picture and long term trends instead of getting swept up in the frenzy of short term gains. He was able to predict both the and the cryptocurrency bubbles by noticing that these industries were experiencing unusually fast growth with little knowledge of what the worth of these industries actually were.

After spending a number of years on Wall Street assisting big money clients build their wealth Paul Mampilly left that world to help everyday Americans learn how to use the stock market to build wealth. In 2013 he started Capuchin Consulting which assists people in earning profit through their investments. These days Paul Mampilly is proud of his own accomplishments to avoid the burst and benefit when the market has lent itself to that. He is also happy to be doing research and work that helps everyday people learn to grow their wealth.

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