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Over time, human beings have learned to brace themselves for possible future exposures affecting their health. They have gone a step further and insured themselves and their families against any health risks that may come their way. The increased number of people subscribing to health insurance has seen the insurgence of an array of insurance companies that are more than willing to extend medical covers to able and willing citizens. A perfect example is the USHEALTH Group.

The USHEALTH Group is a blanket of life and health insurance firms based in Fort Worth, Texas. It extends services of quality dental policies, health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, and many more covers touching on individual and family health. Its primary objective is to safeguard clients from financial strains that arise from unprecedented illnesses or injuries by offering affordable insurance policies. Besides, it aims at reaching out to all Americans through its premier services and delivering unmatched health value to all its stakeholders. It has vast experience in the industry, having served over 15 million Americans in a span of 50 years.

The USHEALTH Group has the interests of its customers at heart. It offers health policies with the understanding that people have varying needs. As a result, it takes upon cases presented by customers and fits them in its array of options and chooses the cover most appropriate for them. Hence, its portfolio of policies is extensive to cater for all the requirements of its clients. Moreover, USHEALTH Group runs quite an innovative product design that sets it apart from other health insurance providers and focuses on its customers’ choices, affordability, flexibility, and reliability of insurance covers.

The firm also takes care of the interests of low-income earners by providing insurance products with first dollar benefits for services covered and substantial discounts. These plans are by far more affordable than other the comprehensive plans. Needless to say, it also has the interests of customers searching for customized insurance covers at heart. It is committed to customer satisfaction by offering a wide range of affordable and convenient cost-sharing policies.

USHEALTH Group is customer-oriented. Irrespective of the health coverage chosen by its clients, it goes an extra mile to enhance their protection with its full line of tailored products. Even in the insurance market where customer turnover is high and there is low customer loyalty, the group has come out on top due to its close relationships with its customers. To a significant number of people, USHEALTH Group is a dependable confederate when it comes to providing health insurance covers. Read more:

Osteo Relief Institute; Manage osteoarthritis using Nonsurgical means

There are many joint-related diseases like arthritis. The diseases cause pains in joints affecting productivity of individuals. The most common arthritis is osteoarthritis; characterized by degeneration of soft tissue (cartilage) between joints. After the degeneration, bones rub against each other causing swelling, stiffness as well as pain. There are many methods of treating the disease like surgical and non-surgical methods. Osteo Relief Institute uses non-surgical means to manage all joint-related complications including osteoarthritis.

Osteo Relief Institute provides its services in New Jersey, where it is based. The firm has highly trained and experienced personnel who are always dedicated to helping patients affected by arthritis. The staff listens to the patients and always prescribes the most appropriate treatment to manage joint related diseases. The relief institute provides long-lasting solutions to the diseases no matter the age of the patients. The firm aims to help patients avoid surgery at all costs through effective and safe treatment methods. Visit to know more about Osteo Relief Institute.

Osteo Relief Institute uses advanced technology that is FDA approved and safe for use. Before any treatment, the patient is assessed, and the cause of the joint pain is determined. After determination, the patientdiscusses with the doctor and depending on the cause and the impact of the joint problem, a perfect treatment program is proposed. There are many risk factors for osteoarthritis like age, previous injury, family history as well as excess weight.

Osteo Relief Institute employs exercise programs that will help reduce joint pain significantly. Exercise helps in arthritis if done in the right way. Gradual exercises before one sleeps help as when one wakes up the joints are not stiff. The firm also advises patients not to use a single joint as it can cause more pains. Walking, simple aerobics, cycling, water exercise and eating healthy foods are crucial to weight management as well as arthritis management.

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Osteo Relief Institute has helped many patients in managing arthritis. With proper diagnoses, effective treatment and highly trained personnel, the firm have been able to get more referrals. The firm is providing excellent arthritis management services, and it plans to expand its services beyond New Jersey. With a goal of helping patients with safe treatments, surgery is not an option at Osteo Relief Institute. Follow Osteo Relief Institute on Linkedin.

JHSF: The Real Estate Giant in Brazil

JHSF Participações has become a household name whenever people in Brazil think of recurring income activities. This firm pioneered the finance concept of recurrent income by venturing into assets like hotels, shopping malls, real estate projects, and airports. The Brazilian outlet runs gastronomy, real estate development, hotels, and shopping malls. JHSF was formed in 1972 and its operations have ever since expanded as far as the U.S. and other neighboring countries.

How Did JHSF Grow?

JHSF was originally called JHS until 1990 when it was split to form JHSF Participações and JHSJ. The former was involved in real estate whereas the latter dealt with business issues. JHSF Participações later joined the shopping industry and established the first ever shopping mall in Brazil with a sub way station. JHSF later founded the first ever fashion outlet in Brazil, the Catarina Fashion Outlet.

How JHSF Has Succeeded in Recurring Income

JHSF came to be fully committed to recurring income when it realized the profit potential of this approach. The firm directed its funds and focus in establishing hotel, shopping malls, and administration projects that exploit the real potential of recurring income. The latest addition was Catarina, a development that consists of Catarina Fashion Outlet and Executive Airport.

Many businesses followed JHSF’s example after experiencing how her profits were increasing. JHSF reached the peak of her success in 2007 when it went public. Its shares are now available on Novo Mercado and FBovespa.

About Jose Auriemo Neto

Every time a discussion about JHSF pops up, you are likely to hear the name Jose Auriemo Neto. He is the CEO and chairman of the company. Under Neto’s leadership, JHSF has grown in leaps and bounds. Neto is in charge of the firm’s brand and also watches over its retail portfolio.

Neto studied at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP), a distinguished college in Sao Paulo. He joined JHSF in 1993 and within his first four years, he had developed the company’s parking lot management section. Neto has spearheaded numerous successful projects and is the leader behind the great track record and impressive reputation of JHSF.

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All About the Fabulous Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a successful writer. She lives by an inspiring quote that says, “Be grateful for everything you have and really appreciate those you love.”. Scarr’s success story is truly inspiring. She now has over 200 employees and several different companies that are prosperous. When she first started with her partners in 2008 she only had 5 employees and $10,000. Pollen Creative Media is very successful, they have produced quality content for brands that have received multiple awards!


Bridget lives her life like any other person in the world. Moreover, Bridget is a peaceful person. She begins her days with quiet meditation. For Bridget this is a great technique she uses to become focused and motivated. Bridget is also very well rounded, she has breakfast with her family every morning. After she works at the office for the day, Bridget comes home and spends time with her son. They do fun family activities like play in the park together. Afterwards, they have dinner as a family, Bridget works a little while longer, meditates again, then it’s bed time!


In addition to incorporating family time into her life, Bridget also keeps God on her side. She has been through many tribulations throughout her life but that did not discourage her. Instead of losing her faith through the hard times Bridget always remembers to keep God first. Always remember, you can’t have a testimony without a test!


In addition to her successful writing career, Bridget is also a producer. She has been in the producing and advertising industry for over 15 years now. She specializes in animation and advertising.


Bridget has many talents that she is great at. She has produced digital, virtual, and television content. Many people have said she does an amazing job with interacting with her audiences no matter how big or small they may be. Bridget is known for genuinely connecting with audiences with mentally and emotionally.


As of today, Bridget is still active in the field that she loves! She networks with local and oversea broadcasters to produce creative projects and talent. Bridget is always on the go and thinking creatively, you never know what she may do next.


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A Brief Look at the Career Profile of Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a renowned philanthropist who spends a portion of his income to support charitable causes. He spends time with his family when he is not spearheading a benevolent agenda. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is also an avid reader and author of The Power on Now. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has spent the past 20 years in the medical practice. He combines his experience and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs to drive his venture. He looks up to Steve Jobs, a tech genius as a role model. Those that have interacted with Dr. Avi Weisfogel describe him as a friendly, understanding, and outgoing person. Dr. Avi always upholds a high standard of professional ethics in all his endeavors.


Education and Career Background


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a holder of a degree in Psychology and Biology from the University of Rutgers. He, later on, went to the New York University where he graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Shortly after graduating, Dr. Avi started a dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care. Here, he won the award of the Best Dentist for two consecutive years. When he embarked on finding a lasting solution to sleep apnea, Dr. Avi faced a lot of challenges. Some of these difficulties resulted from doctors’ biases and neglect when performing sleep tests. His mission is to find a worldwide solution to this condition. Dr. Avi’s plan requires a new model that would allow dentists and care physicians to collaborate efficiently.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s initiative took shape after opening Unlimited Sleep Patients in 2012. He would use it as a platform to bring care physicians and dentists together and to allow them to share ideas on sleep apnea. Besides, he would use this platform to indulge stakeholders through lectures on sleep dentistry and general medicine. As a certified dentist, Dr. Avi envisages about the possibility of using oral appliances to treat sleep apnea. His desire to help patients with sleep apnea strengthened from the moment he started interacting with sleep apnea patients. His mission is to provide a lasting remedy to sleep apnea.

SahmAdrangi’s Excellence in Providing Investment Opportunities at Kerrisdale Capital Management

SahmAdrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009, and he is currently the Chief Investment Officer. He got his doctorate in Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale University and has been faithful to the services he has been offering the company to ensure that everything they partake of is a success. In connection to this, SahmAdrangi has focused his efforts in perfecting service provision in the various sectors within the firm with an example being the biotechnology department. Here he has fuelled the publishing of research about Sage Therapeutics, Pulse Biosciences, and many others. Other sectors of interest have been the mining and telecommunication departments.

As a young entrepreneur, he started working at Deutsche Bank and later worked with the Chanin Capital Partners. Working with these financial institutions gained him a lot of experience which earned him a position at Longrace Management, a multi-billion dollar investment company. He has shared his knowledge and experience with other investors by giving speeches during business conferences such as Activist Investor Conference, Value Investing Conference and many others. By being given a chance to address such great conferences, it is evident that he is an influential entrepreneur who dictates a lot of change in the industry.

Due to his excellence in the finance businesses, he has attracted many media houses who has conducted interviews with him. The information from these interviews has therefore been published in journals and newsletters such as BusinessWeek and Washington Post which have positively impacted on its readers. The company has managed to raise large volumes of hedge funds within a short period due to his astounding leadership skills. These funds would be used by the company’s financial analysts in purchasing stocks which would bring the company’s name into the limelight.

Kerrisdale can now manage over five hundred million dollars compared to their previous financial years. Their hedge funds have managed to give the huge returns with profits shooting with greater percentages of up to 28% over the past few years. Some of the companies where they have a major interest are those that produce medicinal drugs such as Sage Therapeutics and many others. With all these being done, the company is assured of gaining more investors hence making bigger profits.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises From Teller To Global Power Player

Depending on how one measures, Bradesco is currently either the largest or second-largest bank in Brazil. This is a remarkable fact for a company that, just 50 years ago, was little more than a small-town, two-branch bank.

In fact, the incredible rise of Bradesco closely mirrored that of one of the firm’s key employees – Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Today, Trabuco is the CEO of Bradesco. And like the bank itself, his wings seems almost as if they lack a service ceiling.

Humble Beginnings To The Height Of Power

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilia, at that time, a relatively small town in the state of Sao Paulo, in 1952. He did well in high school. But his family was not wealthy, and so Trabuco didn’t have enough money to immediately attend college when he graduated in University of Sao Paolo.

In 1969, the young Trabuco went job hunting for the first time in his life. He saw a help wanted sign at a small local bank and decided to apply. He was surprised to get a call from the manager a few days later. Trabuco was now an employee of a small bank called Bradesco. The two of them would grow up together, climbing the ranks of the corporate world and world finance both.

Trabuco quickly proved to his superiors that he was both a capable employee and an avid and fast learner. By the end of his first year, he had been appointed shift manager. Throughout the ’70s, he slowly took on more responsibility at the bank, learning the nuances of many of the company’s different business lines. During this time, he was also able to put himself through college, one of the original goals he had back in 1969, when he first started his job hunt.

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By 1980, Trabuco was a well-seasoned banker. Now a regional manager for a rapidly expanding Bradesco, Trabuco had attained a degree in business administration and a master’s degree in social psychology. He was on the fast track to his first executive role, having acquired an impressive resume and a laundry list of important contributions to Bradesco’s rising star. In 1984, he was given his first real executive role, as head of the firm’s marketing department.

It was here that Trabuco was first given the opportunity to really put his talents to use. The small-town kid had grown into a sophisticated company man with a deep understanding of both banking and the imperatives of modern global finance. He quickly moved to polish the companies somewhat dusty public image, forging strong alliances with local media personalities in the markets where Bradesco operated. Trabuco also made sure the company name was associated with various charity events and publicly visible community enrichment programs. It was during this time that the Bradesco logo and its employees began becoming prominent fixtures at soccer stadiums, charity events and public-private works projects across the state of Sao Paulo. By the late 1980s, sales were soaring and the company’s image with the public had never been better.

Trabuco was again tapped for promotion in 1992, this time being called on to head up the firm’s struggling financial planning division. Again, he was able to transform the unit’s approach, increasing revenues by more than 10 times and attracting some of the wealthiest clients in Brazil to the bank.

Trabuco continued rising through the corporate ranks until, in 2009, he finally made it to the absolute top of the heap. It was that year that he was appointed the successor to long-time CEO Mario Cypriano.

Although it took 40 years of hard work, Trabuco had finally shown that it really is possible to go from the proverbial mail room to the executive suite, even in modern finance.

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Healthy Snacking and Living with Hippeas Brand

A Chicago based private equity firm along with one of the most recognizable actors in hollywood, Leonardo DiCaprio have flexed their investing muscles by investing in Chickpea Puff Snacks’ Hippeas Brand. The Strand Equity alongside Loenardo DiCaprio invested last month in Green Park Brands Inc which is the parent company which is based in Santa Monica for n amount that they have declined to reveal. Livio Bisterzo, Green Park’s Chief Executive and Founder, has also refused to share the amount that was invested in the company. Despite this, he was able to share the brand has managed to accumulate 2.5 million dollars in total. This sum is inclusive of the previous and the latest rounds with Angel Investors and friends coming up for the remainder of the total. The Hippeas brand started selling under a number of different retailers from the month of March of the previous year. This helped them to bring in a total of 2.5 million dollars in wholesale income in the remainder of the year 2016.

According to their calculations, Livio Bisterzo shared that he estimated that the company expected to rake in 11 million dollars in wholesale in 2017. Due to the connections and experience that Green Park boasts of, they are more than capable of taking their products into various stores quickly directly. The brand also looks at releasing to new consumer brands which are Kyoku, a grooming line for men, and Little Miracles, that makes tea drinks. Licio Bisterzo states that they knew beforehand that innovation of products was a very sensible move. They aimed to come up with snacks that were healthy and covered all current big trends. The brand, Hippeas, is available in Vons, Starbucks and Albertsons in the United States and shall also be available in Target and Kroger Co. stores later on in the year 2017.

Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur from Italy who currently resides in Los Angeles. In 1999, when he was 18 years old, Livio moved to the UK to attend the University of the Arts, which is a prestigious university in London. In 2011, he acquired and invested in Little Miracles, a Danish beverage business which was just a start-up. It went on to win awards worldwide and in 2013 was the quickest growing FMCG SME in Europe.

North Carolina is Very Lucky to have Imran Haque at Its Service

Imran Haque is a doctor that works in North Carolina, specifically its rural areas. He’s a member of the staff at Randolph Hospital, among other hospitals, and operates his two practices in Ramseur and Asheboro, both small towns in the Tar Heel state. Dr. Imran Haque founded Horizon Internal Medicine by himself, still operating both locations by himself to this very day, after just one year of starting his career as a medical doctor working in hospitals.

This popular doctor is thought of very highly by his patients. To prove this sentiment true, the Internet is loaded with reviews and responses to how well Imran Haque’s services have served their individual needs. Imran Haque has served the state of North Carolina for sixteen years, expecting to continue helping rural North Carolinians lead healthier lives through the wide range of medical treatments and procedures he provides.

Imran Haque first started at the Universidad Iberoamericana, a Caribbean medical school that isn’t often heard of. However, UNIBE – its initialism – is the top-ranked graduate medical instructional facility across the entirety of the Caribbean islands. He graduated in 1998 with the accolade of honors, then attending the University of Virginia to work towards his license to practice internal medicine.

In 1998, just weeks after he completed the Caribbean medical instructional program, Dr. Imran Haque enrolled in the Virginia graduate school’s Internal Medicine Program at its Roanoke and Salem facilities, two of the most popular cities in Virginia.

Dr. Haque also worked in rural areas in Virginia, not just in the two crowded cities above. Here, he learned that he couldn’t be satisfied further than satisfying the needs of rural residents of the Southeast. Three years after he started his residential program, he earned a license to practice internal medicine, immediately moving to North Carolina.



Richard Mishaan Design Provides Art To Dwell In

Taking care of one’s living or working environment is an art. While many people may be content to live in a home that is merely clean and neat, there are some people who have the talent to bring out the type of personality that they want their homes to have. Among these people are the workers of Richard Mishaan Design. This company has worked on many residential projects and has even taken on some commercial property renovation projects. While many people may talk about the work they have done to their property and enjoy it, Richard Mishaan Design has a portfolio of their work for people to look at.

A lot of work has been put into books. However, for people to get a look at all of the best work that has been done by Richard Mishaan Design, they should visit the website where they can look at the many different styles and themes of renovations. One thing that viewers will notice about the display of work that has been done on different properties is that the materials in the rooms that have been renovated look very clean. There seems to be no blemish or anything that could take away from the appearance. This goes to show the attention to detail that Richard Mishaan Design pays when it is at work.

While Richard Mishaan Design is well known for the interior renovation work, a lot of attention should be paid to the outside work such as landscaping. Among the pictures of property that have been placed on the site are those that show how the bushes and the plans have been trimmed in order to appear neat. Richard Mishaan has shown a lot of passion in his renovations and is someone that is worth looking to as an example to follow.