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Dr. Imran Haque attended Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE)

Dr. Imran Haque is an experienced medical doctor who gives medical care to Horizon Internal Medicine. The doctor has 15 years experience as an internist, a factor that qualifies him to be one of the most respected Internal Medicine Physicians. An internist is a doctor who has gone through greater depths in the academics of medicine to achieve specialized expertise in the diagnosis of medical non-surgical treatment. Consequently, the doctor can perform different services which include diabetes treatment, physical exams, body contouring, laser hair removal, weight management and many more.

Dr. Imran’s Education and Career

Dr. Imran Haque attended Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), a prestigious medical school in Santo Domingo. He graduated in 1998 with honours in medicine; he later advanced his studies in University of Virginia Roanoke-Salem program. He is a dedicated doctor who believes in offering high-quality medical care to each of his patients.

Many patients flock to the Horizon Internal Medicine for specific treatments to have Dr. Imran Haque attend to them. This is because they have the full trust of Dr. Imran and as an internalist; he can walk with them when it comes to chronic diseases. Nevertheless, Dr. Imran provides referrals to specialists if need be. Dr. Imran is passionate about his work, and this is why he moved from Virginia and decided to settle in North Carolina to give medical care in the rural.

Moreover, besides working for Asheboro, Dr. Imran Haque also works hand in hand with numerous other hospitals which include the Randolph Hospital to provide quality health care. In his interview with Ideamensch, Dr. Iran praises technology for the impact it has had on the quality of medical care through centralization of information.

Further, what is clear about Dr. Imran in his interview, is his selfless passion to see that his patients’ get quality and profession care in his hands. Also, when patients come to see him he does a thorough examination to accurately diagnose the patient’s illness for effective treatment Dr. Imran’s golden rule as shared in the interview is ‘Treat others as you wish for them to treat you’.


How To Select The Right Type Of Life Insurance


There are two main types of life insurance policies available. The first is called a term life insurance policy. This is when you select a period for which you will be covered under a life insurance plan.

The benefits to a term life insurance plan is that it is generally less expensive than permanent life insurance. A downside to term life insurance is that you will only get paid if you die during the term of insurance. When your coverage term ends, you must either buy a new policy or extend your existing one. It is possible to convert your term insurance policy into a permanent policy, but you will need to speak to your life insurance agent if this is possible.

Another kind of life insurance available for purchase is called permanent insurance. As the name implies, this is a permanent form of life insurance that covers you throughout your life. You will get a payment from this policy regardless of the time of your death. There is no period of coverage as there is with a term life insurance policy.

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One of the major benefits to a permanent insurance policy is that it builds a cash value over time. The value of the permanent insurance policy can then be used to borrow money against it. This can come in handy if you need to take a loan out for a home repair or medical expenses. You might even be able to withdraw money from the policy’s cash savings value.

Permanent life insurance policies have higher premiums than term life insurance policies. The rate does remain locked in however, while the rate for a term life insurance can increase if you choose to renew it. There are also variations in permanent life insurance such as whole, universal and variable types.

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Avoid The Risk To Financial Security With USHEALTH Group


The greatest risk to someone’s financial security is the emergence of a health event. As a result, many people end up losing their property, and other investments to cover for the emergency. However, with an insurance plan from the USHEALTH Group, there are wide arrays of policies to choose from. Through this insurance company; you will create an affordable plan to protect your family and yourself, from the greatest financial security risk. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Cruncbase


The USHEALTH Group is the most trusted and popular insurance company across the Texas region, in the United States. Since its formation over 50 years ago, it has set the bar for the insurance industry high, due to its success in offering full tailor-made health policies. As a result, over 15 million clients have benefitted from its array of policies.

Under the able leadership of Troy McQuagge, the CEO, it has gained recognition mostly, due to its innovative products. One of these products is the Premier Choice. In addition, under the leadership of Troy, in 2016, it gained accolades with over ten awards. This includes the most coveted Stevie Award, for being the most innovative insurance company of the year.

For USHEALTH Group to reach a wider base of clients, it operates through subsidiaries, like the USHEALTH Advisors, The Freedom Life Insurance, and the National Foundation Life Insurance. This ensures that the customer has access to their services and policies, at any part of the United States. This helps the company in fulfilling the commitment and attention the customers need.

USHEALTH Group Insurance

In attempts to meet the needs of the customer, this insurance company has gone beyond what is in the insurance market.They offer insurance policies that are unique, affordable, comprehensive, and innovative. One of its insurance products, the Premier Choice, stands out in the market. It gives the customers a chance to take the ownership of the cover, and access to supplement their available health plans.

In addition, the plans offered covers for a wide range of policies, like the Secure Advantage, Dental and Vision care, MedGuard, and accident care, among others. These comprehensive covers ensure that every client gets what they feel they deserve. The USHEALTH Group offers these plans to individuals, who are self-employed, small business properties, and their families.

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The Jeunesse Global Y.E.S. Program

Think about some words that come to mind when you think of the things you need in life. Not just life essentials like water, food, shelter, etc., but other terms that relate to your experiences as a human being. The anti-aging company called Jeunesse Global has put a lot of time and effort into considering these things, and they have put out nine specifically designed products to help people with their problems with aging. Learn more about Jeunesse Global at Crunchbase.

The Jeunesse Global Story

The strides that Jeunesse Global has made in a short period of time are nothing less than astounding. They were founded exactly on September 9, 2009 at 9:09am. They lined it up to have all of those nines in the number because nine is a symbolic number for vitality.

The founders of the company are a couple who came out of their retirement to create this company. They just wanted to give something back and build a brand of products that people could use and really get something out of. They have been wildly successful in a lot of ways and have grown the brand to all six populated continents.


What Their Products Can Do For You

Each product that Jeunesse Global puts out has a specific goal attached to it. In other words, they are all designed with a purpose. You can see that in their energy drink by the name of Nevo for example. It is a caffeinated beverage like so many other energy drinks on the market, but there are special qualities about it. For example, it has no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. It also has just 50 calories in each can. Thus, the person who takes this product over whatever random canned energy drink there is on a store shelf is doing themselves a favor.

All of the products that Jeunesse Global puts out are like that. They all have care and attention put into them to make sure they are the best in the market for the specific things that they do. At the end of the day, that has what has attracted millions and millions of customers to Jeunesse Global. Watch this video on

Samuel Strauch Is The Forward Thinking Founder Of Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a real estate agent in Miami, FL and the founder and Principal of Metrik Real Estate. He studied at Hofstra University in New York where he earned his undergraduate degree in business and also attended Harvard University as well as Erasumus University in Rotterdam, Holland.

Before creating his current company, Mr. Strauch worked as a real estate agent at his family’s business and amassed more than 14 years of experience. During that time, he also became licensed in South Florida and Latin America as a real estate broker and has earned a respectable reputation as a broker who gets things done.

Samuel Strauch says he doesn’t really have a typical day, because every day brings something completely different according to He believes that making real connections with people is incredibly important in his business and that business should be fun. He brings new ideas to life by thinking progressively and being creative. If he finds an idea that might be plausible, he quickly puts him team to work on it. That’s not where he stops, though, because he has learned, over the course of his many years in real estate, that good ideas will fall by the wayside if you don’t execute them properly.

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Samuel Strauch is excited when he looks into the future, because he sees a spread of trends that might just transform the way that society functions. He also believes it is very important to stay up-to-date with current trends, because by doing so you can also speak to your clientele in their own language. One trend that Samuel adopted before it became one was meditation. He says that it really helps him to focus a lot better and that the benefits of doing it should convince anyone to take the practice up.

One of Samuel Strauch’s top strategies as an entrepreneur is to begin his day by taking 5 minutes to reflect on everything he is grateful for, to remind himself to keep an open mind, and to set the goals that he wants to accomplish for the day. He also has grown his business by keeping in mind the win-win philosophy, which speaks to the fact that every business dealing should be beneficial to, both, his client or customer and himself. One of his current goals with Metrik Real Estate is to ensure that the company is always keeping up with the latest advancements in technology so that it never falls behind.

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roy McQuagge; The Gold Winner in 2016’s One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge made headlines in 2016 when he won a gold award as the CEO of the Year from the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. The award is open to all professionals who believe that they have excellent skills. Individuals from public and private sectors are free to enroll from all over the world. The award also honors small and big businesses, it honors individuals in non-profit and for-profit industries as well. The determining factor is exemplary performance.

Troy joined USHEALTH Group back in 2010. The company provides insurance covers to US citizens who are self-employed and those that run small businesses. Upon joining USHEALTH Group, Troy re-structured the company giving its subsidiaries USHEALTH Advisory a better platform to sell insurance covers and meet the needs of many people at affordable prices. In 2014, Troy’s efforts had made a significant impact that he was appointed the President and CEO of the company. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Group has registered tremendous success in coverage and profitability.

When he received the prestigious award, Mr. McQuagge was very humbled. According to him, the honor belonged to all the employees that work at USHEALTH Group for their continued commitment to coming up with affordable solutions to the healthcare problems that face many in the US. USHEALTH Group is an insurance company that is based in Ft. Worth Texas. It combines its innovative products with the excellent customer service to remain competitive and profitable.

Troy McQuagge is a self-driven leader who stops at nothing until he achieves the best results. He has over 30 years of experience in the sales category of businesses. He has worked with startups and turnaround businesses making them a success. In 1983 he joined Allstate Insurance where he worked for a couple of years. In 1995, he moved to the healthcare sector and worked at UICI/Health markets.

Troy received his education from the University of Central Florida where he graduated with Bachelors of Arts in Legal Studies. He currently resides in Coppell, Texas. Currently, he is not just the CEO and president of USHEALTH Group; he is also a board member of the same company. Check more:


Importance of having the right attitude in business

Attitude is one of the critical aspects of an individual’s personality. It is one of the biggest determinant of whether an individual will succeed or fail in a particular task. Attitude is everything, it is bigger than money, experience, and even age. It is part of our lives that we can’t avoid and that we need to put up with. It is important to approach life with the right attitude if we are to succeed in anything.

Attitude plays a crucial role in an individuals success, especially when you are in the sales and marketing industry. You might have learned about the biggest negotiation tips, read every book about top sales techniques, and continuously follow on your leads, but if you lack the right attitude, you might get frustrated about reaching your sales objectives. Getting yourself into the right state of mind is a critical element to succeed in the marketing business. Everyone can achieve whatever they set their eyes on, only if they have the right attitude.

The right attitude is what gets Market America Inc agents going. Without the right approach, there is little drive and uncertainty to get someone going. Having the right attitude will translate into success for your Market America business. Jim Winkler, the President of Sales for Market America Inc firmly believes that an individual ought to have the right attitude to survive in their business. Otherwise, they might end up failing. He has been an unfranchise owner at Market America Inc since 1995.

If you want your unfranchise business to succeed, you will need to keep up with Market America’s newest news and features. A simple way towards achieving this is by attending Market America conventions. Market America convention 2017 offered a great opportunity for individuals to interact with other business owners. Jim Winkler believes that no one is born successful, they work for it.

Fabletics Accomplishment with Kate Hudson

Fabletics is one of the top organizations in the fashion world and the main founder is Kate Hudson. The organization as a fashion brand it has enabled to be one of the biggest competitors of Amazon in the fashion sector. The accomplishment of both organizations is due to innovative model that frequently depends on technology and data. Kate Hudson accomplished a lot in the fashion sector and the corporate world and became recognized due to the due to the association with both prominent entrepreneurs known as Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They both started a brand that deals with offering active-wear solutions to their clients. Also, Fabletics concern themselves in providing clothes for plus size women, they firstly search into their provision before making their clothes. These enable them to have individual clients size irrespective of their size hence they will fit them effectively.


The organization mostly use reverse showrooming as their strategy these enable their clients to get to retain Fabletics as their favored brand since it enables them to realize that each outfit at the organization was made with the clients in thought. Fabletics accomplishment is due to reverse showrooming it enables them to collect a massive amount of client’s terms that assist them in modifying and designing clothes for their clients.


Fabletics membership is obtained through signing up through the organization website or mobile application hence an individual will become part of the organization. There are two categories of the organization when one wants to become a member which is VIP member or a regular member. As a VIP and individual will be able to be well –adverse of the finest design which is provided by Fabletics stores. It is mostly done monthly and it draws a monthly payment fee. Some of the exceptional features that the VIP members also enjoy is the capability to turn their payment into an equal amount from shopping on the podium. They are able to skip the payment in a month if they don’t want and also the monthly rate is not subtracted from their accounts.


Fabletics is fast certainly contributing to the fashion scene in the United. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to make a great impact on the economy in the coming days. Also, the organization was able to reveal their plan to enlarge their products possibility through providing trendy sneakers that can match with leggings or yoga pants that are retailed by Fabletics.

Sussex Healthcare Is A Place That Cares


For many people, getting older or becoming disabled is a very scary time for them. They are not sure what they can do in terms of living on their own anymore. Since they are at a time in their lives when they have to make a decision on where to live, they will want to look into Sussex Healthcare.

Sussex Healthcare is a group of homes that offers living arrangements for the elderly and the disabled. They also have medical care that is of the highest ratings. Sussex Healthcare has won awards for the way that they take care of the people that stay with them. For over 25 years, they have been respected by the people and the communities in which they provide services for the people.

A person should consider the different locations of the Sussex Healthcare group of homes. They might want to stay at one that is located near to the people and places that they are familiar with. Once they find the location that they are interested in, they will want to sit down and talk with the staff members at Sussex Healthcare. These people are very nice, and they will assist a person in understanding all that there is to know about living in one of the homes. They can help with financial options that will work best for the person. Since they are experienced in these types of things, they will be able to give the person programs that will assist them with the costs of staying in one of the Sussex Healthcare group of homes.

The care services that are provided by the trained staff at Sussex Healthcare are impressive. Workers are dedicated to giving the best available care to their people. They want their people to live well and stay active and happy. There are plenty of great activities that the people can do when they are living at the Sussex House group of homes, and this will allow them to make friends and have fun while they are aging.

Sussex House is the choice that many people make when they need to live in a place that will offer them the care and attention that they need. It is a comfortable way for them to live, and to enjoy the rest of their lives. Read more on Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents:http://Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents


categories of FreedomLife insurance products

Investments in stocks, real estates and businesses are among the world’s most popular sources of income, now and in the future. However, partaking in the investments involve taking risks due to possible chances of incurring losses due to unexpected circumstances. But did you know that life insurance is one of most viable sources of income for you in the future? Although not very popular, life insurance is not only capital-intensive but also a secure investment option with zero risks of incurring losses.

Life insurance is tied to a specific time frame as specified by the policyholder. The time frame is determined by your need and amount of money. Freedom Life insurance, a leading provider of insurance products and services advice prospective life insurance clients on the following guidelines before settling down for an insurance policy;

Different Life insurance policy scenarios,;

Term insurance policy

Freedom life Insurance experienced team of personnel gives clients a step by step guide on determining the length of your insurance policy in relation to your need. One of the future obligations secured by a life insurance policy includes education for your children, loans and mortgages. Tie your life policy’s time frame to the actual time that your need will be actualized. For example, your mortgage’s total payoff period is approximated to be eighteen years, ensure that your life policy term lapses at the end of the eighteen years for it to service your mortgage.

Convertible term policies

A unique and distinct insurance product offered by Freedom life insurance. The product caters for dynamic needs of an individual that is likely to change. If any changes occur and the original need, other than that which was stated when initially purchasing the policy, the client can change to permanent life insurance policy without going through the hassles of medical check-ups.

Permanent insurance policy

Indemnification of your life is one of the most difficult theory to understand in life insurance. Your lifespan and time of death remain unknown to everyone, you included. As long as you are alive, constant premiums need to be paid for the policy and payment only happens if you die. However, if your specified time as stated in the policy document lapses before your death, no amount is paid lest you renew or extend your contract. Beneficiaries of this product are your family and next of kin. If taken as a security to bank loans, arrears are first sorted then the remaining amount is distributed to your beneficiaries.

Unlike the rates of term policies, the prices of a permanent insurance policy is slightly high due to the many benefits attached to the product.

Unlike in your tender age, where purchasing life insurance policy costs you lesser dollars, getting insurance in your old age will incur you higher rates of premiums payable. The same scenario of incremental premium amounts also applies with policies whose terms have lapsed upon renewal. In some cases, clients are subject to medical examination during each renewal to ascertain the new premium rate to apply. Unlike most cases, the premium rate is not subject to increase according to the medical result but can also drop relatively. Check for more: