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Rekindle Friendships During the Holidays with Securus

Securus is the organization that has managed to bring inmates on the inside with their families on the outside. I am certain that this organization will have one of the most popular software apps for people to use during the holidays. I have seen how this company has managed to grow. I know that there is quite a bit of talk about the communications software, and I believe that more people will discover it during Christmas.


When you are out during the holidays you may have more time to experiment with new software. That is actually how I discovered Securus last year. I was going through some of my old contacts. I started discovering friends that I have not been in contact with in years. I found that some of these friends had been incarcerated. I was wondering how I could get in contact with some of them since I did not live in some of the same states. I started calling around to their family members. I had never called a prison before so I really didn’t know what type of technology was out there. It wasn’t until I talked to a brother of someone that was locked up on the inside that I discovered something called video visitation from Securus.


I thought that this was incredible. At first I didn’t think that I was going to be able to contact some of my friends that were locked away, but I started reading more on Securus. I learned that this was the type of company that was going to help me rekindle friendships that had died. I signed up for a Securus account after I downloaded the app. I was figured that I was going to schedule multiple visits with different friends during the Christmas holiday. I tried a couple of video visits before Christmas just so that I would be familiar with how the whole process worked. These were like test runs. I have to say that I was worried for nothing. It was so easy to use the program. The video was clear. The audio was also clear. It was the next best thing to being there. I would recommend this for all of those people with incarcerated family members. Securus has become one of the apps that I appreciate most. It is one of the hottest programs on my phone for the holidays.



Jason Hope’s Generous Donation For Anti-Aging

Jason Hope has his base in Scottsdale, Arizona and he takes his passions quite seriously. He is an entrepreneur whose passions are in educating individuals about the benefits of philanthropy, curing diseases and research in biotechnology and science. His education has given him the belief in educational programs. He supports organizations trying to prevent diseases. Organizations intent on the control and eventual cure of diseases.

Jason Hope has put his time into multiple foundations who have the same goals. Whose beliefs in what the world could be reflect his own. His beliefs are so incredibly strong, he pledged half a million dollars to a foundation called SENS. The SENS Foundation is fighting all diseases caused by age. Technology has given the scientific community what they need for development and promotion in rejuvenation biotechnologies. Dr. Aubrey Grey has been working in this field for a long time. The doctor believes the advances in human medicine will allow cures to be found for diseases like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Atherosclerosis. Jason supports these beliefs.

The announcement of Jason Hope’s donation was made at a philanthropy event in San Francisco, California. The idea is the creation of a new industry for biotech’s. To be the catalyst responsible for the beginning of the necessary changes. Rejuvenation biotechnology is still considered a new field. The projects that have been launched were specifically designed to catch the attention of people like Jason Hope. Regenerative medicine has been given some of the money needed for research and development by Jason’s generous donation. His donation has been called a bold commitment in the fight against aging.

Arteriosclerosis is when the arteries start to harden. The condition is caused by age and is responsible for most of the high blood pressure suffered by the elderly. The condition can also lead to diabetes. Presbyopia is a large factor in the aging of skin. Jason’s donation will help to find the answers needed for both of these conditions.

The SENS Foundation was founded in 2009 and is non-profit. Their goals are to make access available for the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies. They have taken the steps to stop diseases related to the aging process. Their focus is on the damage that builds from the metabolism so as to have the ability to stop the deadly consequences.

For more information, find Jason Hope on Facebook.


SEC Whistleblower Program

The United States Congress passed a new law in 2010 known as the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This new law would provide more regulation and oversight on the finance industry. As well as regulating the finance industry, this new law adopted a new whistleblower program. This would allow a number of individuals and companies to come forward and report unethical activity taking place in the industry. The new program would also provide compensation for those who win any case in a securities law violation dispute. Individuals looking to take advantage of the new whistleblower program will receive assistance from a qualified SEC whistleblower lawyer.


Any business or individual that is looking to take advantage of the SEC whistleblower program will need to be represented by an experienced SEC whistleblower attorney. The best way to do this is to get representation at the law firm known as Labaton Sucharow. This firm has been around for a number of years and has developed a reputation of being the premier law firm when it comes to securities law litigation. Labaton Sucharow is currently led by Jordan Thomas who was once working for the Securities and Exchange Commission. As a result, he is very well versed on the securities laws and how to best represent his clients in litigation cases.


When looking to get representation from Labaton Sucharow, clients will not only receive assistance from lawyers but also other professionals such forensic accountants, investigators and financial analysts. Each of these professionals will work to come up with the necessary information for a given case. Financial analysts will go over the investments and transaction activity made by anyone who commits unethical activity in the finance industry. Forensic accountants will look to find fraudulent transactions while investigators will look to gather other information that will prove that wrongdoing took place in the industry.


Clients who are looking to get represented by Labaton Sucharow, will first need to arrange an initial consultation. They will need to discuss how they were victimized by unethical activity. A lawyer will be assigned to submit documents stating their case which will be reviewed by a court. The defendant will usually have time to respond and agree to a settlement. However, if the defendant does not agree to a settlement, then the case will be taken to court. At the court proceedings, a lawyer will represent a client in front of a jury to seek a favorable ruling. If successful, the client will receive up to 30% of the amount won that exceeds $1 million.


Davos Financial Group Develops a Mobile Application to Monitor Returns on Investments

On the 22nd of June 2016, Davos Real Estate Group released a press statement announcing the introduction of its mobile application. They availed the new mobile application with the aim of helping their customers. The application gave an estimate of the returns an investor expected from an investment done on a real estate property.


Davos Real Estate Group is among the independent companies forming the Davos Financial Group. This Financial Group offers comprehensive financial advice to its clients. It has for decades, held the biggest market share in the Latin American Market. It deals in formulating business strategies that meet the desires of their client base. The company combines premium products within the regulatory framework and uses the expertise of its committed and experienced professional team to come up with customized solutions that meet every client needs.


The mobile application was developed by Tecknolution, and for the last six months, Gerard Gonzalez, the Executive Director of the company spearheaded its design and development. The application runs like a calculator and estimates the gain from an investment. The profit is calculated taking into consideration the expenses associated with the property. The mobile application has been developed considering the different operating system. It is available for Android and iPhone systems. The company also said that this mobile app was just the beginning of a series of applications to be launched later. The complementary applications will provide for the ability to identify properties though the phones and pass on the information to an agent through interactive chat.


David Osio said that the origin of the application was in line with their business objectives. He stated that there was absolute need to develop a mobile application that would act as a guide and allow the company to assist in guiding its clients financially. The application is only viable to client investing in the real estate industry and are based in the United States of America. The application gives investors a much clearer financial vision when deciding to purchase a property.


The application also allows the clients to estimate their Mortgage based on the banks’ projections. It is one of the projects aimed at helping the company to provide excellent services to its customers.


David J. Osio is the founder and president of Financial Advisory Group. He has geared his efforts towards the creation of a company that offers comprehensive financial services. Osio Graduated from the Catholic University of Andres Bello, Venezuela. There he studied International Baking. His career started in 1981 as the president of a coffee export program. He has held different roles in several organizations before founding Davos Financial Group of companies in 1993.

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Making the Best out of their need for Quality Food-Nathaniel Ru


Everything you do should last more than you that is the believe of Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel Ru and his friends found it hard to find an eating place which was easy and fun to be during their studies at the Georgetown University in Washington DC. Six years after they had completed school Nathaniel and his friends established an eatery place in the M Street in the Middle town area.


The eatery area has become a 21-store-farm-to-table style restaurant known as sweetgreen as described by the founder Nathaniel. Ru was very lucky as the apartment owner where he stayed during his campus period, was also the landlord of the tavern where he wanted to locate his restaurant. The owner did not listen to them, but they did not give up on their dreams they were very ambitious. The owner finally agreed, but she sent them back to come with a fine business plan, an architect and also people who would back their business. After three weeks they came back with all the requirements from the landlord. She gave them a chance and as Nathaniel explained that it was the right time for them to start the business.


Sweetgreen restaurant which has been expanding since it was founded has other branches in the Northeast’s major cities as well as its suburbs including Philadelphia, Boston, New York, as well as Washington. The eatery joint offers fresh food that is ordered directly from the farmers. The founders of sweetgreen have created the place as not only a place to buy food but also a fun place to be. The eatery joint was started with a deeper purpose as mentioned by one of the co-founders Theresa Dold who is also the head of digital marketing in the company.


Sweetgreen Restaurant wants to be unique, sexy, social, smart and be able to be local. Every year the restaurant holds a dancing event. Dold did not forget to mention that people do not buy what you do but instead they buy how you do.


Nathaniel Ru graduated from the Georgetown University of McDonough School of Business in2007 where he graduated with a BS in Finance. Nathaniel is also the Chief Executive Officer of the fast casual kitchen. IN 2010 Nathaniel and his partners’ founded sweet life which is one considered to be the largest music and food festival. The music and food event attract more than 20000 people who enjoy food prepared by top chefs.


The tremendous influence of Boraie Development in New Jersey

Boraie Development LLC offers a wide range of services dedicated to all areas of the contemporary real estate market including property development, real estate development and sales and marketing. Boraie’s forte lies in partnering with the strongest financial corporations, visionary architects, and contractors who understand time limits to guarantee timely completion and realization of its building projects.

Omar Boraie, the founder, and president of Boraie Development LLC was originally a chemist in Egypt and moved to the US to study his Ph. D in chemistry before answering to the strong call to venture into the real estate business in the US. Indeed, the company has become a leading developer of real estate in the state of New Jersey, particularly the city of New Brunswick.

Omar had the vision to rebuild the city of New Brunswick, which seemed bereft of hope and any sort of notable developmentManta. At the time, many people termed his vision and ideas as crazy. Looking back at the projects that Boraie Development has managed to undertake, it’s clear that the company has brought about the transformation and development that the city badly needed.

Boraie Company began its impact on property development in New Brunswick City by purchasing neglected tracts of land along Albany Street. In 1988, it put up Albany Street Plaza Tower One, affording the city highly desired Class A offices. In 2003, Tower two was constructed helping the city add to its already growing class A office units.

The top management of Boraie Development later gathered that to attract further growth into the city. Premium residential units on Yahoo had to be put up. As a result, the One Spring Street condominium building was constructed in 2007. Consequently, it led to an incursion of professionals in various fields in the city as well as many investors looking for a stake of the city’s pie.

Recently, Boraie Development completed The Aspire, a 17-story residential luxury building. The building offers the classiest of accommodations for potential renters including a cool design, onsite parking, ample security, a gymnasium, and yoga center, green roofing, a lounge area and rooftop garden.

The company has also partnered with retired basketball Shaquille O’Neal to complete the renovation of an old theater located on Springfield Avenue which is now dubbed CityPlex12 Newark. The new theater on has a 300 seating capacity, and the seats are made of leather. Attendance has risen ever since its completion compared to previous years. This is one among many projects Boraie Development and Mr. O’Neal plan to do in Newark as well as other cities across New Jersey to expand commercial and residential units.

Securus Technologies Sets GTL Record Straight

Securus Technologies recently had to defend themselves against legal inaccuracies that Global Tele Link (GTL) has accused Securus of performing. This press release is one example of GTL’s harsh treatment of Securus Technologies. Meanwhile, Securus writes a fact filled rebuttal to everyone of GTL’s supposed accusations.


Below is a highlight of several of the offenses and the response Securus stated is the legal truth. Feel free to read the entire Securus rebuttal at length by clicking here.


  1. GTL alleged that the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) had given them the go ahead to file for damages after GTL claimed that their patent 816 was infringed upon by Securus. Whereas, Securus stated that patent 816 was not validated by the PTAB and are seeking a rehearing on this patent thereby voiding any legal action instituted by GTL.


  1. GTL claims that all components of patent 816 were approved as patentable by the PTAB. Securus noted that the PTAB did not state that all of the components of patent 816 were patentable, merely that the rest of the components were not being reviewed. Therefore, Securus stated the desire for a rehearing on this patent because they are not in violation of any patent infringement on an incomplete patent.


There are several more Securus rebuttals in this press release to claims made by GTL. CEO of Securus, Rick Smith, stated there was no wrong doing on Securus’ part and even discussed several companies that they have entered into contracts with on the basis of shared technology. As for GTL claims, only time will tell if they plan to persue these matters further.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas, and is one of the largest inmate communications companies in the nation. To read more about Securus, please click here.



Guide to UK Wine Vintners and Merchants

For wine connoisseurs, a superior vintner or wine merchant can open the pathway to developing a diverse and well-defined personal tasting palette. An experienced wine seller can provide a wealth of knowledge and a wide spectrum of choices. Whether you are looking for a rare vintage, to discover a new region, or just hoping to find competitively priced cases, we’ve compiled a go-to list five excellent wine vintners and merchants in the UK.


1. Laithwaite’s Wine

Laithwaite’s currently operates a number of shops around the UK and one of the top online wine websites. Whether you have an aversion to running your hands over the glass bottles before making a decision or are looking to have your favorite bottle delivered straight to your door before your next weekend soiree, Laithwithe’s has over 1,500 wines in all varieties.


2. Lea and Sanderman

These online UK Vintners call themselves the “most original wine merchants.” They have four brick and mortar locations, in Chelsea, Kensington, Barnes, and Chiswick. They also sell their fair share of wine online. Whether or not you’re are looking to buy in-person, be sure to check out their website, which features super helpful buying guides, blog posts, and frequently posted articles.


3. Wine Anorak

Wine Anorak isn’t exactly a UK vintner, but it does provide one of the most extensive databases of UK wine merchants. The website isn’t too to fancy, but you’ll find an all encompassing, alphabetical list of wine shops. They also feature an easy-to-use wine store locator. You can use your zip code to find a wine store nearest to your current location.


4. Farr Vintners

Farr Vintners is Britain’s largest wholesale wine provider and it has been that way for quite some time. They pride themselves on their diverse collection and sales of Bordeaux wines. They hold stock in some of the top french wines, but also offer a large collection of wines from around the world. While most of their sales are to wine sellers, they do offer competitive prices for individuals.


5. Highbury Vintners

Highbury offers everything from champagne to fine wine. Although their specialty may be their ability to provide premixed cases. You can purchase these cases, which have been tasted and paired for your enjoyability, online or in-person. They also offer customers a wine of the month club and many eclectic tastings. As for as UK vintners go, Highbury is great.

Buy UK wine online here.


Thor Halvorssen Is A Man Of Action When It Comes To Human Rights

In an article that was published in The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorsen gives insight into what makes him tick and why he is driven both day and night to fight for basic human rights that have been withheld from individuals in countries that are led by dictators and other unscrupulous leaders that suppress the people to attain power. He himself has been touched personally by oppressive governments.


Thor Halvorssen is the Human Rights Foundation president. He created the foundation in 2005 and has incorporated the help of talented individuals throughout the world. Thor is a descendant of the first president of Venezuela on his mother’s side, and his Grandfather was Norway’s counsel to the king during WWII. He managed to divert the king’s maritime vessels to the ports in Venezuela when Nazi Germany invaded Norway.


Both of Thor’s parents were activists in their own right. In fact, his mother was shot by Hugo Chavez men during a protest in Venezuela. He himself had to free his father when he was taken as a political prisoner when he spoke up against unethical problems with the government. Thor even has a cousin that is still a prisoner in Venezuela.


Thor takes somewhat extreme measures at times to give help to those in remote areas. According to The Atlantic, Thor Halvorssen has even gone undercover to gain access to those being held captive. In some cases, he has had close calls and has even been beaten.

Although he has had those incidents he still maintains his determination to help people have basic human rights. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

He even has created an event that is held annually in Norway that lasts for one week. The convention is the chance for those that are involved in furthering human rights to meet and create connections with others from all over the world.

An Overview of Sleep Apnea.

Sleep apnea is one of the most chronic sleep disorders to affect is a health dysfunction that disrupts sleep due to difficulty in breathing. It has now significantly increased the number of times that a person wakes up at night however it has been linked to other common health hazards including stroke and diabetes.


Sleep apnea greatly affects the male who are obese, they also tend to have large necks. Dr. Avi Weifogel who started Dental Sleep Masters has broad knowledge on sleeping health disorders and how to treat them, Dental Sleep Masters brings together staff members to help find better treatment solutions of the sleeping disorder and providing accessible medication, therefore, encouraging more patients suffering from sleep apnea to acquire treatment.


Dr.Avi Weisfogel.

Doctor Avi Weisfogel is a well-established dentist, He got his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology at Rutgers University and DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He opened his first dental practice in 1999 and managed the office Old Bridge Dental Care for over a decade. He entirely put all his work and effort in studying and treating patients with dental dysfunctions and also sleep disorders for more than 20 years.


Through his great work, He was severally awarded by his community as the best dentist, he later opened Dental Sleep Masters in 2004 to bring together dentist and other doctors in helping patients with sleep apnea. Dr.Weisfogel has nurtured and taught dentists and doctors in using oral treatment as well as creating awareness to the community in reducing the risk of acquiring sleep apnea.