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Richard Mishaan Design Combines Traditional and Modern

Richard Mishaan Design is known for creative design that transforms a home using lighting and furniture. His clients range from upscale homeowners to hotels. He has a way of arranging competing elements into a design that works. His work on hotels has been in Columbia, New York, Florida, and the Dominica Republic.

His design is different and he believes its more important to have a talent for design than money. One of the couches he owns is over 20 years old. His belief is when you buy good quality furniture it lasts a long time. He owns a furniture shop in Greenwich that sells a wide variety of pieces. He stocks furniture from his own line there.

He believes in transforming a small or large space into something beautiful. With small space he opens them up by painting the walls with white colors, uses low furniture, and floating beds.

His own home is filled with antiques, quality furniture, and art pieces. It has a wooden vaulted ceiling. His kitchen is blue and white and patterns of plaids and stripes can be found everywhere in his . The bathroom has special designer wallpaper and in his decorating he combines modern and traditional design.

One of his project was Karen Silverman’s home. The woman lives with her husband and two sons. In her home he has created a sense of serenity. He coordinated large spaces and changed the furniture layouts. The house has antiques and modern design combined. The colors he used were white, brown, and neutrals.

He draws his inspiration of design from everything around him. Frequently he visits art galleries and attends design shows. He sees movies, attends fashion shows, and attends the theater. He watches how people live their lives and then plans on how he will transform their space.

His combining traditional and modern design and making it work well is his trademark.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo. An Iconic Economist

Porfirio S. Galindo has provided two vital elements for progress at Televisa: broad experience and strong scholastic foundation. Having worked both inside and outside the corporate area, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has unrivaled knowledge on how the economies works and how to explore the complex monetary condition. Having filled in as a profession ambassador inside the Mexican government, he has unmatched information on how the monetary condition works and how government arrangements and choices can possibly affect the corporate. Such personal information is pivotal in Televisa’s journey to wind up plainly a main player in the business. Having effectively filled in as a friend of Mexican for Finance for quite a long while, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has profound learning on how the nearby and worldwide monetary conditions work. He is fit for recognizing traps and openings, which assumed a key part in the move by Televisa to expedite him board. What’s more, his fleeting ascent through the positions of the association is declaration to his astounding financial investigation and corporate administration aptitudes.


Profession and Education Background


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo completely gets a handle on the diverse strengths that impact hierarchical operations. His insight comes from his strong scholastic foundation as well as years of experience as a vocation ambassador. His grip of financial issues were first tried, horned and enhanced when he joined the Mexican government in 2000.Francisco Gil Diaz expedited his board to fill in as the head of staff in the treasury state department, which he led as the priest. In spite of having no involvement as a profession representative, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo exceeded expectations in his new requesting work as the financial counsel to the pastor. He held his office u to 2006. He was promptly gobbled up by Televisa who designated him to fill in as the organization’s main financial specialist. He likewise bent over as the corporate VP and the organization’s head of staff.


Notwithstanding these parts, he was entrusted with directing the organization’s new element, Editorial Televisa to progress following his arrangement as the CEO in 2015. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo moved on from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) in 1998 with Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. He has likewise taken a couple of short courses in different fields at Stanford Graduate School of Business and Carnegie Mellon University.


Andrew Rolfe Impresses At The Ubuntu Education Fund Gala

The amount of £603,000 that was raised at the Ubuntu Education Fund charity gala that was held recently in London would not have been possible without the active involvement of Andrew Rolfe. The event had been held in order to aid the disadvantaged children who are residing in Africa. This amount that was raised at this London gala is roughly equivalent to R10 million in South Africa. There was a goal of £600,000 at this fundraiser. This money had been raised in order to expand the student capacity at the Port Elizabeth campus of the Ubuntu Education Fund. A part of this money will be used to improve the pediatric clinic that is associated with this campus.


The Ubuntu Education Fund has made use of its manpower and other resources for serving more than 400,000 disadvantaged people based in Africa. The Port Elizabeth campus has a program that is specifically for disadvantaged children. It ensures that the health as well as education needs of these kids are met from the time they are joining in the program till they get ready for their career.


It was in 1999 that the Ubuntu Education Fund was founded. At that time it was a small charity. It was focusing on educational tools as well as their availability only. This was when the founders of the fund realized that several other serious problems were also there and these had to be addressed too. These included hunger and HIV. Hence the Fund expanded its reach as it wanted to include provisions for health, home stability and a lot more.


The Chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund is Andrew Rolfe. He ensured that nearly 300 of the well-known socialites as well as philanthropists of London attended this charity gala. He welcomed everyone to this event on behalf of his organization. This was followed by Xhosa chorals. Later there were inspiring speeches that moved the audience. There were real life stories about how the Ubuntu Education Fund and the encouraging mentors are helping kids to come out of their problems and be able to lead a quality life.


The Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund: Aiding Minority Communities To Help Them Seek Justice

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin are two individuals who founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, an organization that is aimed at helping those who have been affected by any racial discrimination or injustice.

The foundation was founded with the settlement money that Lacey and Larkin both received as a result of the discrimination that they faced. Lacey and Larkin had established a newspaper that they published weekly, in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The two of them would cover all the various happenings in the city.

At the time, the county sheriff was Joe Arpaio, who had also gained a massive reputation for being one of the top sheriffs in the country. He was also known for putting away many illegal immigrants living in the state of Phoenix.

Various reports started surfacing about the arrest, with multiple people coming forward to state that they were being punished for no fault of their own, and were being sent back to their countries in spite of them having a valid resident visa in the United States.

Upon investigation, people started realizing that all these arrests were made on individuals who belonged to the Hispanic community. Lacey and Larkin, being from the Hispanic community themselves saw it fit to publish this article to do these injustices known to the public.

Soon after the article was published in their weekly newspaper, the duo was picked up from their homes and put into separate vans in the middle of the night. They were then taken to holding facilities that were run by Joe Arpaio.

They were kept at the center for a total period of about forty-eight hours before they were released, and were only told what they were in for after their detainment. The supposed reason why they were detained for, was there writing, and Arpaio did not have a warrant from any court to conduct these arrests.

In light of this, Lacey and Larkin decided to sue Joe Arpaio and his attorney for misuse of power and wrongful detainment. They were given a settlement, which they then decided to put to good use to start the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund has been highly successful and has provided aid to numerous people all over the country. The fund has tied up with various organizations to assist them with their efforts.

The organization assists people from minority communities so that they can enforce their rights better and prevent any discrimination that happens against them, and seek justice for those who it has already happened to.

Through the organization, numerous people who have been exploited by individuals in positions of power have been able to seek the proper justice that they deserve.

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Jim Larkin

MB2 Dental Frees The Dentist To Be A Dentist

The states of Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Louisiana are the homes of at least eighty affiliated dentist associated with MB2 Dental Solutions. MB2 promises new dentists and dentists that want to multiply their dental practice, an Independent clinical practice, support from dental colleagues, personal financial transparency and the opportunity for growth opportunities and ownership.

MB2 Dental Solutions provides structure to a dental practice that does not want such administrative responsibilities as payroll and Human Resources, marketing, legal matters and maintain licensure compliance, which includes credentialing. MB2 has retained a competitive team of professionals.

MB2’s mission is to effectively and efficiently run a dental management network of dentists who own their dental practices for the primary purpose of allowing dentists be dentists. MB2 recruits new dentist every year at dental schools, such as Texas A&M College of Dentistry, to introduce newbies to the network and to expand the network beyond the six states.

It is MB2’s goal to promote best dental practices and to encourage communication. Dental schools, like all professional schools, do not concentrate their efforts on the business of a dental practice. Such as,

Human Resources (HR)

The purpose of HR services is labor and employee relations, benefits, payroll, acquisition of talent, compensation packages, compliance with diversity requirements, and the introduction of new technology. Effective HR for a dental practice is critical to maintain a competitive practice and to sustain the MB2 organization.

Accounting and Financing

Maintaining accounting procedures and keeping the confidence of administrative as well as financial records, enforces the financial stability of MB2. A certified accountant is retained by MB2 to prepare tax returns consistent with the IRS and other administrative offices.

Credentialing of Dental Practices

Dentists cannot practice dentistry without being in full compliance with the process of credentialing. MB2 administers the credentialing process to ensure that the prospective dentist can be maintained as an affiliate member. MB2 can only move forward after the potential member provides the necessary information to support the affiliate’s credentials.


MB2 Dental’s expertise is dental regulations. Compliance with dental regulations can easily overwhelm a dentist as an owner of a dental practice. Federal and State laws must be kept up to date. The regulations will audit all dental procedures, including clinician notes and charts. Compliance involves such areas as Data management, maintenance plans, remote and onsite computer support and business network solutions.

Billing and Collections

MB2 bills all insurance companies and maintains records on each patient. MB2 will also follow with any payments in default, handle any collection service issues and follow-up with any aged accounts.

Dental Practice Marketing

Of all the services monitored by MB2 marketing is one of its most essential services. Maintaining and growing a brand is critical in increasing dental practice revenues.

Social Media

Placement on the internet is taken for granted in all business. For instance, LinkedIn is a person to person and company to company interactive media which is critical to maintaining and promoting dentist recruitment, and dental practice network.

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Waiakea Water: Healthy Bottled Water Sourced Sustainably

It is commonly accepted that water is good for people. After all, it is the foundation of life. However, one misconception is that all water is the same–one must examine the source that it comes from. Of course one is not going to want to drink mud water. But that is not the only water worth watching out for. Water from the tap can be filled with a lot of contaminants that can cause a lot of harm to the body, and some bottled water can be dangerous as well, due to its source, how it is bottled, etc.

Fortunately, there have been attempts to bring forth the healthiest possible water. Some of the companies have done the filtering and adding of minerals themselves so that people will have great tasting water that brings about the greatest health benefits. However, there is something that is even better. Waiakea water is one of the best types of water to drink because it is completely natural, meaning the filtering and mineral-adding all happens at the source, a volcano in Hawaii. All that is done is that it is bottled from the Waiakea springs. People who drink this water get the great pure taste of water as it was meant to be.

When people drink water from Waiakea, they get the maximum amount of benefits that they can get from water. For one thing, they get to focus better because the water improves their energy. Another thing is that water from Waiakea helps with the muscle building. People will be able to maintain and build muscle. The health benefits that come from Waiakea are so numerous that people have to get water from the company so that they can experience improved health as well as increased energy and productivity. This comes with some of the best tasting water they get to enjoy.

Along with this, Waiakea is a company committed to sustainability and ethical responsibility. Waiakea only bottles a small percentage of the water from the source, and the bottles are 100% RPET free. What’s more, Waiakea donates clean water to communities in Africa for every liter sold through their partnership with Pump Aid. Waiakea is committed not only to maintaining the beauty and sustainability of Hawaii, but contributing to the world with their natural, sustainable water.
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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: The Versatile Dentist

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist in the United States who has founded several organizations which provide health solutions to the society. The associations include Old Bridge Dental Care, Operation Smile, and Dental Sleep Masters. Dr. Weisfogel‘s undergraduate degree was a B.A., specializing in physics and biology, from Rutgers University. He received his DDS from New York University. Dr. Weisfogel started venturing into his career as a dentist in 1991 and has won numerous awards. He received the dentist of the year award several years in a row due to his commitment to serving his patients.
Dr. Weisfogel is a prominent dentist and a philanthropist in the United States who has shown significant experience and success in his career. He launched the GoFundMe campaign which aims at raising more than $2000 to help in running Operation Smiles. The Operation Smile team is a global aid association which offers free surgical services to children with deformities. These surgical operations done on children include cleft lips and cleft palate. The foundation operates in more than 90 countries worldwide. Dr. Weisfogel believes that children are the future leaders and should have access to the best medical care. The charity brings hope and better future for the children proving to them that there is hope despite some uncertainties.
Dr. Weisfogel is passionate about treating patients with sleep orders. That is why he founded Dental Sleep Masters in partnership with other two professional dentists. Dr. Weisfogel has changed the lives of the people suffering from sleep apnea. The organization started in April 2014, with its primary focus being on assisting patients with obstructive sleep apnea through the offering of oral applicators. The team is putting efforts to come up with improved modern methods which use the latest technology in the treatment of these conditions. Many people with disturbed breathing go undiagnosed, and they are even not aware of treatment, and these have made Dr. Weisfogel continue with the program globally.

Walmart Has Plentiful Beneful

If your dog likes Beneful dog food, Walmart has the recipe for his or her tastebuds. From chicken to beef to salmon to egg, Walmart’s Beneful selection cannot be beat. Choose Beneful Healthy Weight formula for your portly pooch, or maybe the Salmon recipe for that discerning canine taste. Beneful offers a variety of ingredients, including vegetables and healthy meats. They even make a grain-free recipe for dogs with wheat and corn allergies.

Whether you are looking for wet food or dry food, you can find the entire line of Beneful options at your nearby Walmart store. And because it’s Walmart, the prices are always reasonable and competitive. Beneful dry Dog food is less than $2 per pound, and the tubs of wet Beneful food are under $2 each. Look for even more savings on the coupons page, and remember also to watch for falling prices. Walmart is known for rollbacks.

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Madison Street Capital Continues To Impress

Madison Street Capital is in the news again for yet another positive reason. Managers from a company in the Midwest, Vital Care, have applauded Madison Street Capital for all their hard work. This Midwest medical company was in need of a large emergency loan, so they could keep their medical practice going. Being a new medical company, and a private company for that matter, Vital Care was having a very hard time getting a loan, especially a loan with a low-interest rate. Learn more:



Before giving up, Vital Care contacted Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital instantly contacted their exclusive lending partners. In no time, Vital Care obtained the large loan they needed with a very low-interest rate. Additionally, Vital Care received a promise that they can borrow more money from their landed if needed.  Learn more:


The Madison Street Capital reputation is becoming more and more known around the world. They now have so many clients they have to turn many individuals and businesses today. Beyond getting people and businesses loans, Madison Street Capital is also known for winning financial awards. There are organizations springing up every day that exist to give awards to companies doing outstanding business. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital has won many awards for how quick they solve problems for their customers and the wonderful attitude they have while getting the job done. They have also won awards for transforming the loan market. This transformation was put into place to help common people instead of lending institutions. In turn, this exposed certain lending institutions for being corrupt with their high-interest rates and high monthly payments.


When Madison Street Capital is not engaging in business, they spend their time giving money to local charities and donating their time to feeding the poor. Government officials from Chicago always give praise to Madison Street Capital for all they do for the city of Chicago. Learn more:

Quality Dental Services by MB2 Dental Solutions

Quality dental service can provide you a lot of benefits like prevention from oral cancer, prevention from gum disease, eliminating bad breath and much more. This all can be possible only by the hands of experienced and skilled dentists.

MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental service institution which helps dentists with their dental practices everywhere. It was created by a group of dentists with an aim to provide professional assistance to a wide variety of dentists in the form of some important tools and services. With the help of this organization, a lot of dentists can run their business smoothly and can achieve success. It’s been almost more than a decade since MB2 Dental Solutions was formed and ever since it has helped millions of dentists with their profession.

Read more on to know more about MB2 Dental.

This organization was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD who faced the problems of sole practice like any other dentist. That is why he wanted to pave the way for the dentists who are willing to continue their sole practices without having troubles of mismanagement and lesser turn out of patients.

MB2 Dental Solutions offers a variety of dental services which include providing management services to orthodontics in improving their skills and dedicating quality time to their patients. Usually starting up a business whether small involves a lot of effort, time and care. That is why it becomes difficult for private dentists to work alone and as a result of it, they have to reduce the number of patients that have a negative impact on their business. This eventually leads to failure of their business. That is why MB2 Dental Solutions have come up with rendering its management services to dentists.

Apart from providing management services, MB2 Dental also focuses on giving human resource services as it focuses on employee’s growth, his welfare, his motivation and his goals towards business strategies. The dental offices affiliated with MB2 Dental have the privilege of enjoying a variety of human resource services which include employee relations, labor connections, perks of having handsome pays, freedom, sense of security, diversity and much more. All these services are used to increase employee’s potential experience and to dominate among his competitors in the business market. This all will eventually help the dentist to sustain his organization for a longer period of time.

MB2 Dental creates a network of dentists that help them in finding better career opportunities, improving their professional and personal partnerships and learning from each other’s experiences. Though MB2 Dental helps in managing the businesses of dentists yet it allows dentists to own their business and be completely autonomous.

Currently, MB2 Dental Solutions has opened up its affiliated office in Seagoville, Texas by the name of Picasso Dental+ Orthodontics. Picasso is an orthodontics clinic, and its collaboration with MB2 Dental is to enhance the growth of its business. Dr. Rishank Korupolu is the owner of Picasso Dental+ Orthodontics. He has an experience of four years as a dentist. He has discovered a passion for taking care of the dental hygiene of children. His office was inaugurated on 10th April 2017.