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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare was established in March 1988. Its founders are Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The firm provides support services and care homes. All its functions are mainly based in Sussex. Presently, the Sussex Healthcare has 20 care homes that are run and managed by the company’s management. All the care homes focus on helping the clients to access improved services to support and allow them to regain their healthy lives.

Sussex focuses its services on caring for the aged people and the adults that have mental challenges such as Alzheimer’s Disorder and dementia. It also provides care and supportive services to individuals with learning and physical difficulties. Also, Sussex Healthcare cares for the patients that have neurological disabilities.

Currently, Sussex has over 250 employees who provide services to the many clients that receive care services on its premises. Its employees comprise of doctors, nurses, neurological experts, nutritionists, and counselors. It also offers opportunities for finance experts who are tasked with the duties to manage and plan for all the finances of the company. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Bloomberg.

Sussex Healthcare is among the leading care homes that have an excellent reputation in Sussex. It has been performing throughout its existence. Surprisingly, Sussex started its operation with only one care home and has grown to have about 20 homes now. Its growth has been facilitated by its dedication and unique care philosophy to providing quality services to its clients. Some of the homes under Sussex Healthcare management include Forest Lodge that is located Edward, Clemsford House that is about two kilometers from Horsham in West Sussex, and Longfield Manor that is situated in Billingshurst. Other Sussex care homes are Kingsmead Care Center that is one of the modern care homes of Sussex and was established in Horsham, Upper Mead that is based in Henfield and is a leading nursing home in the region, and The Granary that is located in Broadbridge.

Other care Sussex care and nursing homes are Woodhurst Lodge in Crawley, Sycamore Lodge located near Horsham, Beechcroft Care Center in the East Grinstead, The Laurels in West Sussex, and Beech Lodge & Oak Lodge in Clemsfold.

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Moving the Brazilian Tourism Industry Forward With Guilherme Paulus

Think of a kid whose parents could not afford to pay his college fees but years later he is on the Forbes list of billionaires. This is the true story of Guilherme Paulus a Brazilian entrepreneur and investor.

He has in the last four decades become one of the most consistent investors in the tourism industry. His investments have been so significant that they have gained from the country’s presidents as well as the World Tourism Organization for promoting tourism in Brazil and globally.

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Guilherme Paulus always that one way or the other he would become a success. His hard work would always reflect this belief and as the years went by success began to show. He was working as an intern at IBM at age 17. At 24 he was already running a business with his partner. This would go on for four years, after which the entire was left to him. This is how CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. was born and from that point on it was up to Paulus to ensure that it succeeds. The company has over the years grown to become one of the biggest tour operators in Latin America a fact the Brazilian government has recognized.

The first nine years were tough and CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. made no money. At the time Guilherme Paulus was struggling to keep its doors open and at some point, contemplated closing it altogether. His persistence, however, is one of his most admirable qualities about him. Guilherme Paulus was able to overcome a lack of clients and government regulations that were stifling small business. The businessman quickly realized that waiting for clients to show up was not the way to go for a young company. After winning a bid to take Mercedes employees on tour, he began pitching to other corporations to have then direct their request for tour services to his company. CVC Brasil Operadora e Agência de Viagens S.A. would in most cases offer the lowest bids as it competed for the few available clients but always ensured they delivered.

Malcolm CasSelle and WAX; bringing Cryptocurrency to the Mainstream

OPSkins is the leader worldwide of in-game virtual asset sales and the number one Bitcoin merchants on the planet with users all across the globe making cross border payments. Malcolm CasSelle, the CIO of OPSkins, has said “The gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream” and believes the next step toward this is a marketplace for virtual assets that is decentralized. Malcolm and the Creator’s of opskins have created a blockchain based platform for trading virtual assets known as WAX; Worldwide Asset Exchange. Wax is a peer-to-peer distribution and logistics platform whose foundation is built on decentralized smart contracts that allow those buying and selling to trade their virtual assets efficiently, CasSelle is the president of the company.

The virtual market is full of many security issues, WAX offers solutions to some of these issues such as fragmentation, incomplete assets, and delivery issues by letting patrons instantanly buy and sell without having to click away from their screen or leave their game. This creates a frictionless marketplace that allow buyers and sellers to adequately tokenize valuable virtual assets in an anti-fraud setting. For added safety to use the platform you cannot use differing cryptocurrencies, use of a common utility token such as the wax token is necessary.

Malcolm CasSelle, along with being president of wax and the CIO of opskins, has an impressive background in the field of Technology. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford University with degrees in computer science. Malcolm was the president and CTO of tronc inc.; formerly tribune publishing, the senior vice president and general manager of digital media at Sea Change Int’l, and the CEO at his own company timeline labs which was obtained by Sea Change. Prior to this CasSelle helped to found PCCW, a Hong Kong located publicly-traded telecom now worth $35 billion dollars. He was also a early investor in major tech companies including Facebook, Bitcoin, and Zynga, Malcolm CasSelle also speaks Japanese and Mandarin.

The Tenure of Sahm Adrangi and His Career at Kerrisdale Capital Management

Sahm Adrangi has always played a considerable role in various aspects of developments at Kerrisdale Capital Management. The company was launched in 2009, and since then, Sahm has been putting his tireless efforts in ensuring that it maintains its dominance in the competitive market. Under his leadership, the company has experienced enormous growth, significantly increasing its overall income, thanks to his profession and competence. Due to that effect, Kerrisdale Capital Management recorded improvement in assets worth 150 million dollars as at 2017. This showcased Sahm Adrangi’s commendable work in making sure that the company occupies its best level.



Kerrisdale Capital Management’s line of service


Over times, it has always been known that Kerrisdale Capital Management’s primary focus is mainly on giving the art state research finding and publishing. This happened until when Sahm made a bold move that would change the hedge fund significantly. He said that the firm would put a lot of its focus on the area that they were specializing on. One among the main areas of focus was the biotechnology sector. The company began immediate publishing of research about development stages touching on compromising of Bavarian Nordic, Sage Therapeutic, Unilife, Pulse Bioscience, and Zafgen to mention a few. Another area that they would focus on included the mining companies.


His activities as a conference speaker


Sahm Adrangi a guy known to be wearing many huts. A better example is his diverse talent and skills he portrays in his career. To begin, he is one of the influential leaders recognized by the corporate world and many nations. He is also a talented speaker and has taken part in so many conferences to do one of the things he loves, which is to deliver speeches. One of the conferences he has attened is the 2017 Sohn Conference. Other significant contributions he has made include featuring on interviews with leading media companies like Bloomberg. Sahm Adrangi also represents substantial contributors to publications, not to forget Wall Street and the New York Times. The leader is believed to foster a positive working culture at the company.

When Shervin Pishevar Breaks Twitter Silence, He Doesn’t Mess Around

That ended in a big way as February 2018 begin. Shervin Pishevar went on what was considered by many as a strange 21-hour Twitter rant on subjects ranging from immigration to inflation. Among his most amazing predictions was the state and future of the stock market. Here are some takeaways from his string of missives.

The Future of the Economy, According to Pishevar

One of Shervin Pishevar’s first pronouncements was impending stock market drop of 6,000 points. The basis for this prediction was a combination of tax giveaways, unstable credit markets, and a rise in interest rates. According to Pishevar, the unreliability of government bonds will make their use for quantitative easing ineffective this time. That has been a traditional solution for the Federal Reserve in the past to stabilize the markets.

What’s the Upshot?

It would be easy to dismiss such gloomy predictions if not for Shervin Pishevar’s long history in finance. In addition to founding Investment company , he is also an angel investor extraordinaire and venture capitalist who sunk a lot of funding into companies like Uber and Airbnb. That’s why so many in the worlds of finance and economics are sitting up and taking notice of such dire predictions.

His last tweet prior to this was on December 14 of last year. He took to the Twitterverse.

Pishevar also discussed the possibility that trade destabilization and the emergence of China as an international tech player will unseat the kings of Silicon Valley. He feels this will also solidify the hold of the Big 5 tech companies, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, as U.S. monopolies, as most of the competition will come from overseas. Only time will tell if any or all of these predictions will come true.

Fountain House’s Jeremy Goldstein Invites Dozens Of Guests To a Dinner Party

Getting an initiation to a dinner party is one thing and participating in it is quite the other. Many who were invited to a Fountain House dinner party that took place on May 22, 2018, were thrilled to learn many things, which they would not learn otherwise. Jeremy Goldstein organized this party alongside his fellow board members at the foundation. The aim was to create awareness as well as raise funds to support the NGO that deals with the mentally challenged members.




It wasn’t just an ordinary party but one that is filled with delicacies that were prepared by award-winning chefs. What is more, guests were treated to high-end Chateau Latour wine. It is not easy to find this kind of wine in ordinary dinner parties. This tells you the kind of dinner party Jeremy Goldstein organized.




The Aim




Jeremy Goldstein explains the aim of organizing such a party, “There’re three main reasons why we at the Fountain House decided to host such a huge event. One is to celebrate our achievement. Since it was started in 1944, the Fountain House has been able to transform lives of thousands of mentally challenged members. The second reason is that we want to appreciate the well-wishers. We want to show them our heartfelt appreciation for their endearing support of the organization. Thirdly, it is to raise funds for the organization. As you can see, so many programs are currently going on. These programs need some form of funding. Everything from this party tonight will be put into proper use in support of the needy members.”




Of course, Jeremy Goldstein wasn’t alone when organizing the may 22, 2018 dinner party. He was with fellow board members who included Omar Khan and Jim Finkel. The three have the same view that mentally challenged people have a fulfilling life to live and that if empowered through various programs availed at the Fountain house, they will be important members of the society.




Since its start in 1944, the Fountain House hasn’t relented in its bid to use whatever resources within its disposal to empower its members who are mentally challenged. Today, the Fountain House has been able to help 42 percent of its members to do everything that others are able to do.


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In Wake of Cannabis Legalization, Matt Badiali Looks to Stocks

Oklahoma has just joined 29 other states in the legalization of Marijuana. The trek to full national legalization grows ever closer. Canada however, is beating the U.S. to the punch. Canada is about to become the first G7 nation to legalize all forms of cannabis usage. For investors in Canadian marijuana stocks this is a big deal, and according to investment guru Matt Badiali its going to get bigger.

Matt Badiali is a financial expert and master investor. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing that share projections for his specific niche. That niche is in the realm of natural resources. Badiali is a trained and educated geologist, he treks the globe personally investigating natural resource investments. Matt Badiali actually worked in the natural resource sector as an advisor before moving to finance. His two newsletters, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits, contain all his projections for the natural resource market as well as suggestions for stock. Most people stateside know Matt Badiali as the man behind the freedom checks investment. The projections he makes for every investment recommended come straight from the horse’s mouth, and right now his projections for Canadian marijuana stock are favorable.

Badiali is a master at predicting when certain stocks are going to boom. His projections for marijuana are backed up by other experts as well. Some say the boom for Canada will be comparable to Silicon Valley in the U.S. Legal cannabis sales for 2017 were around $6 billion dollars, that number restricted to the specific places wherein it was legalized. Countrywide legalization will open the floodgates, and right now many lower level companies have stock for cheap. Badiali sees those companies as a possible investment goldmine. Unfortunately, it is not U.S. gold and stateside investors cannot buy Canadian stock.

This is why Matt Badiali is recommending that U.S. investors put their money in ETF firms that invest money in Canadian cannabis. Should the market hit the high points, and Canadian marijuana companies skyrocket, the stateside ETF’s investing in them will inherit a percentage. Investors who have put money in these ETF’s will get part of that percentage. Before investing though, Badiali strongly advocates for doing some homework.

Brian Torchin Success Story

Brian Torchin is not a stranger to success. Many people have worked with the doctor in his successful career life, and they have confirmed that he is a very hard working person who loves to assist the people in the society. According to Brian Torchin’s profile, he was born and raised in the United States. When he was young, the doctor was interested in serving humanity, so it did not surprise many when he decided that he was going to pursue a degree in medicine. Becoming a medical professional is not always a cup of tea for most professionals in the competitive market. There are thousands of people who have failed in their journey to success because they could not keep with the kind of skills they were supposed to acquire in the university. Visit for more info.

After graduating from one of the leading New York based medical school, Brian Torchin was ready to go to different hospitals and cure people. The businessman had so much in store for his patients, and he was always fortunate to get opportunities in leading hospitals in the country. Working in the profession has offered the doctor so many opportunities. All of the skills he got at the university were utilized in his career, and this is how he earned the trust of many individuals in the world. As a chiropractic professional, the doctor has learned the tricks to use so that his patients live a great life without having to endure any pain.

Brain Torch is very passionate about his medical career, but he has also developed business interests over the years. The businessman has been very fortunate in his career life, and this is what has been helping him to start a business so that he can earn more income. Fortunately, the businesses under his management have been doing well, and they have not shown him any reasons to be worried. Read more:


OSI Group Revolutionizes the Food Industry.

The company has grown to be one of the best brands in the food industry around the world. It employs about 20, 000 employees. Over the years, it has expanded its operations and now covers 17 countries with 65 facilities. Otto Kolschowsky was the pioneer of the OSI Group. During its establishment, he was an immigrant in Chicago. There was a large population of German nationals at the time. The city was the center of operations for many industries in the United States. Most of the immigrants settled in the plains. The German immigrant established the firm two years after arriving in the country. At first, he opened a small butcher shop. The main aim of the startup was to provide for the needs of the fellow immigrants.

The business did well after ten years. He started selling the products on a wholesale basis. He opened an outlet in Maywood to serve the increasing customer base.Just like many other immigrant businesses, the company was family-owned. To give it a new image, the company was rebranded as Otto and Sons. After the rebranding, it became one of the most profitable businesses in the area. OSI Group developed a partnership with the McDonalds, a restaurant. The company became the largest supplier of beef products to all the McDonald’s outlets in the country. One of the main reasons for the growth of OSI Group is the ability to develop innovative products that cater to the changing customer needs. It uses technology to produce high-quality products that are fit for human consumption.

As part of the company’s transformative agenda, OSI Group adopted major leadership changes. The management team is composed of highly qualified individuals with many years of experience in senior leadership positions. The management has been instrumental in the firm’s growth. David McDonald is the president of the company while Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer. The two leaders have ensured that only qualified individuals are recruited to work in different departments. The firm has received awards for its continuous efforts to adopt production methods that promote the conservation of the environment.

How Organo Gold Fits Into The Pacific Northwest Coffee Culture

The Pacific Northwest has a distinct coffee culture that is different from anywhere else in the world. This culture extends throughout the United States Pacific Northwest and extends all the way to the greater Vancouver, British Columbia region. The biggest name in the industry is Starbucks which was founded and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. However, this region’s coffee culture began long before that company was first established. Small coffee houses have been exceedingly popular throughout this region for decades and has been the best way to get a great, authentic cup of coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold is also a member of the Pacific Northwest’s coffee culture. This company was established in Vancouver and just like the rest of the Pacific Northwest they take their coffee seriously. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is a great and good-tasting way to get some energy to face the day. Even though coffee shops are very popular in this region a lot of people still enjoy making their own cup in the comfort of their own home.


Organo Gold has now been around for a decade. Their products are now sold around the world due to their beverage’s great tastes and reasonable prices. This is a premium specialty brand and one of their claims to fame is that their beverages include Ganoderma Lucidem and other great ingredients. Ganoderma Lucidem, also sometimes called Reishi, is a mushroom which is highly prized in a number of Asian cultures as it regarded as very healthy.

To buy Organo Gold products people can either but it on their website,, or get it through one of this company’s independent distributors. They offer a great business opportunity to their independent distributors who are compensated for each package of Organo Gold products they sell and their successes are considered Organo Gold’s successes. Visit to know more.