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In Wake of Cannabis Legalization, Matt Badiali Looks to Stocks

Oklahoma has just joined 29 other states in the legalization of Marijuana. The trek to full national legalization grows ever closer. Canada however, is beating the U.S. to the punch. Canada is about to become the first G7 nation to legalize all forms of cannabis usage. For investors in Canadian marijuana stocks this is a big deal, and according to investment guru Matt Badiali its going to get bigger.

Matt Badiali is a financial expert and master investor. He writes two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing that share projections for his specific niche. That niche is in the realm of natural resources. Badiali is a trained and educated geologist, he treks the globe personally investigating natural resource investments. Matt Badiali actually worked in the natural resource sector as an advisor before moving to finance. His two newsletters, Real Wealth Strategist and Front Line Profits, contain all his projections for the natural resource market as well as suggestions for stock. Most people stateside know Matt Badiali as the man behind the freedom checks investment. The projections he makes for every investment recommended come straight from the horse’s mouth, and right now his projections for Canadian marijuana stock are favorable.

Badiali is a master at predicting when certain stocks are going to boom. His projections for marijuana are backed up by other experts as well. Some say the boom for Canada will be comparable to Silicon Valley in the U.S. Legal cannabis sales for 2017 were around $6 billion dollars, that number restricted to the specific places wherein it was legalized. Countrywide legalization will open the floodgates, and right now many lower level companies have stock for cheap. Badiali sees those companies as a possible investment goldmine. Unfortunately, it is not U.S. gold and stateside investors cannot buy Canadian stock.

This is why Matt Badiali is recommending that U.S. investors put their money in ETF firms that invest money in Canadian cannabis. Should the market hit the high points, and Canadian marijuana companies skyrocket, the stateside ETF’s investing in them will inherit a percentage. Investors who have put money in these ETF’s will get part of that percentage. Before investing though, Badiali strongly advocates for doing some homework.

Brian Torchin Success Story

Brian Torchin is not a stranger to success. Many people have worked with the doctor in his successful career life, and they have confirmed that he is a very hard working person who loves to assist the people in the society. According to Brian Torchin’s profile, he was born and raised in the United States. When he was young, the doctor was interested in serving humanity, so it did not surprise many when he decided that he was going to pursue a degree in medicine. Becoming a medical professional is not always a cup of tea for most professionals in the competitive market. There are thousands of people who have failed in their journey to success because they could not keep with the kind of skills they were supposed to acquire in the university. Visit for more info.

After graduating from one of the leading New York based medical school, Brian Torchin was ready to go to different hospitals and cure people. The businessman had so much in store for his patients, and he was always fortunate to get opportunities in leading hospitals in the country. Working in the profession has offered the doctor so many opportunities. All of the skills he got at the university were utilized in his career, and this is how he earned the trust of many individuals in the world. As a chiropractic professional, the doctor has learned the tricks to use so that his patients live a great life without having to endure any pain.

Brain Torch is very passionate about his medical career, but he has also developed business interests over the years. The businessman has been very fortunate in his career life, and this is what has been helping him to start a business so that he can earn more income. Fortunately, the businesses under his management have been doing well, and they have not shown him any reasons to be worried. Read more:


OSI Group Revolutionizes the Food Industry.

The company has grown to be one of the best brands in the food industry around the world. It employs about 20, 000 employees. Over the years, it has expanded its operations and now covers 17 countries with 65 facilities. Otto Kolschowsky was the pioneer of the OSI Group. During its establishment, he was an immigrant in Chicago. There was a large population of German nationals at the time. The city was the center of operations for many industries in the United States. Most of the immigrants settled in the plains. The German immigrant established the firm two years after arriving in the country. At first, he opened a small butcher shop. The main aim of the startup was to provide for the needs of the fellow immigrants.

The business did well after ten years. He started selling the products on a wholesale basis. He opened an outlet in Maywood to serve the increasing customer base.Just like many other immigrant businesses, the company was family-owned. To give it a new image, the company was rebranded as Otto and Sons. After the rebranding, it became one of the most profitable businesses in the area. OSI Group developed a partnership with the McDonalds, a restaurant. The company became the largest supplier of beef products to all the McDonald’s outlets in the country. One of the main reasons for the growth of OSI Group is the ability to develop innovative products that cater to the changing customer needs. It uses technology to produce high-quality products that are fit for human consumption.

As part of the company’s transformative agenda, OSI Group adopted major leadership changes. The management team is composed of highly qualified individuals with many years of experience in senior leadership positions. The management has been instrumental in the firm’s growth. David McDonald is the president of the company while Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer. The two leaders have ensured that only qualified individuals are recruited to work in different departments. The firm has received awards for its continuous efforts to adopt production methods that promote the conservation of the environment.

How Organo Gold Fits Into The Pacific Northwest Coffee Culture

The Pacific Northwest has a distinct coffee culture that is different from anywhere else in the world. This culture extends throughout the United States Pacific Northwest and extends all the way to the greater Vancouver, British Columbia region. The biggest name in the industry is Starbucks which was founded and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. However, this region’s coffee culture began long before that company was first established. Small coffee houses have been exceedingly popular throughout this region for decades and has been the best way to get a great, authentic cup of coffee. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold is also a member of the Pacific Northwest’s coffee culture. This company was established in Vancouver and just like the rest of the Pacific Northwest they take their coffee seriously. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is a great and good-tasting way to get some energy to face the day. Even though coffee shops are very popular in this region a lot of people still enjoy making their own cup in the comfort of their own home.


Organo Gold has now been around for a decade. Their products are now sold around the world due to their beverage’s great tastes and reasonable prices. This is a premium specialty brand and one of their claims to fame is that their beverages include Ganoderma Lucidem and other great ingredients. Ganoderma Lucidem, also sometimes called Reishi, is a mushroom which is highly prized in a number of Asian cultures as it regarded as very healthy.

To buy Organo Gold products people can either but it on their website,, or get it through one of this company’s independent distributors. They offer a great business opportunity to their independent distributors who are compensated for each package of Organo Gold products they sell and their successes are considered Organo Gold’s successes. Visit to know more.

Helping Low-Income Potential Homeowners And Those Saving For College

NexBank of Dallas, Texas, has a partnership in place with the nonprofit organization Dallas Neighborhood Homes. The point of this partnership is to create affordable home opportunities across the southern half of Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a low-cost mortgage service provider who also works with the Dallas chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The goal is to provide low-income residents with at least 100 mortgage loans a year from 2016 to 2021. NexBank SSB is a regional bank which will provide up to $50 million in loans in support of this effort. In addition to offering loans, this partnership also provides financial counseling services to the people they are serving.

As part of this partnership, NexBank will cover all of the title fees due on closing. They will also pay up to $2,000 of the closing costs for each of these loans. Mark Tribuna an executive at the Dallas chapter of Habitat for Humanity. He put out a statement thanking NexBank for doing their part by making sure that there is low-income housing available for those who need it. He said that the area they are targeting has one of the lowest homeownership rates in the United States and they are working to address this issue.

NexBank also helps students go to college. In December 205 they bought College Savings Bank. This bank, located in Princeton, New Jersey, offers 529 college-savings plans. The president and CEO of NexBank, John Holt, put out a statement that College Savings Bank would continue operations as before, keeping both their name and branding. He said that this purchase, the terms of which were not disclosed, would benefit everyone involved.

Another NexBank executive, Executive Vice President and COO Matt Siekielski, stated that this purchase would help his organization better meet the needs of their clients. It would also benefit families who are trying to save for college educations. He said this transaction was a way to responsible expand what NexBank offers and would meet both their short-term and long-term goals in regards to growth.

Foodservice Innovation, Excellence & Determination: OSI Industries

OSI Industries has come a long way since its inception back in 1909. This extraordinary food wholesaler wasn’t always at the top of its class. Located in Oak Park, Illinois, this particular meat locker actually came from humble beginnings. Back in the early 1900s, OSI was owned by a family that was known as the Kolschowkis. Otto Kolschowki founded the company shortly after relocating to the US. This immigrant was part of Chicago’s 25 percent German demographic. By providing some of the best tasting meats in the area, Kolshowski was able to build his brand by forging numerous deals with food retailors. The state of Illinois has always been a large participator in agriculture thanks to its rolling farmlands and Kolshowski used agriculture to boost his sales.

In the late 1960, cryogenics changed the game for the better. Food providers could now distribute their goods over longer distances without ever having to worry about the meats going bad. This opened up the door for big business, especially if you were part of wholesaling food products. The company didn’t change its name to OSI Industries until 1975. It was being promoted as Otto & Sons prior to the 1970s. In1973, OSI built its first factory that was dedicated to beef. Since the company was already one of McDonald’s main suppliers, a new facility was opened in West Chicago. Everything about this facility was geared toward the hamburger making process.

As the decades continued to pass, consumer-driven products were the norm. OSI Industries jumped into custom-food production. By taking a client’s specific instructions, the R&D specialists here could turn an idea into an actual product. No other food provider was doing as much as OSI and the results definitely showed when it came to earned revenue. In 2011, the company was ranked by Forbes as the 136th largest private company in America. During this year, OSI generated more than $3 billion. This upward trend has continued to this very day. Unfortunately, this short article won’t do OSI Industries any justice. In the end, the results truly speak for themselves.

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Deirdre Baggot: A Healthcare Pioneer

Deirdre Baggot is a veteran in the healthcare industry. She began as a nurse and has climbed her to the top of the executive ladder. She works to create solutions for patients. Most commonly, she is known for her work with bundled patients. Patients with chronic illnesses or who regularly visit the doctor, tend to be billed separately for many different procedures, treatments and medicines. This can be time consuming for medial billing staff. Additionally, it is also costly for the patient. Bundled payments solve both of these issues. Bundled payments allow for patients to be billed at once for their medical procedures. It also saves patients more money than the traditional way of billing. Follow Deirdre on Instagram

Deirdre Baggot has been working in the healthcare field for over twenty years. She studied at the University of Colorado studying philosophy. She earned her MBA from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. Additionally, she also has a nursing degree. With her bachelors degree, MBA and PhD, she has worked herself up to being an advisor to many executives for medical facilities and organizations. She helps these companies develop and strategize to create bundled payment systems to better help staff and lower patients’ medical bills.

Over two hundred hospitals have been helped by this healthcare pioneer. She has instructed hospitals on how to enrich the patient relationship. She had done this by enabling and implementing bundled payments to these hospitals. Patient experiences have improved due to bundled payments. Since both hospitals and patients are saving money these forms of payments are more favorable than traditional means of billing. She also advises the senior level of leadership for the boards of major healthcare companies. She has worked with and led bundled payment system creations for Medicaid and Medicare providers.

The healthcare pioneer has written several papers on her discoveries for the healthcare industry. She is known across the nation in the medical community. She frequently speaks at the American College of Healthcare Executives and the American Heart Association. She speaks at bundled payment and medical billing events held by the Healthcare Financial Management Association and other summits. Visit:


Talos Energy Rises Against All Odds

Talos Energy LLC is a gas and oil company that expertise in the production and development and exploration of oil and gas properties in the Gulf of Mexico and in other Gulf Coast. The company was initially founded by Timothy Duncan in the year 2012. He has raised an equity value of $600 million from Apollo Global Management and another investment firm Riverstone Holding of San Antonio. The company has its headquarters based in Houston, Texas. Timothy Duncan is the former CEO and president of the company. Duncan had to go through a difficult and challenging process for making Talos Energy the successful company that it is today. He had to literally pass a time of flood and storm which had become a cause of obstruction for the listing and merger process of Talos with Stone Energy which was a public company but the only drawback was that it was bankrupt. Acquiring such a big company that was going through financial troubles was a big and risky decision that Duncan had taken.

Finally after a lot of hassle, Duncan had taken over the merger with Stone Energy. Talos Energy was to officially take over the shares of Stone Energy’s listings in the month of May. Duncan estimated it to be a huge turnover for the company as it would gain him an annual return and revenue of about $900 million. As a result all the assets of Talos Energy would be within the Gulf of Mexico. The company’s balance sheet was at a low point of risk with a debt of $700 million against assets of about $2.3 billion. I barely offset the huge risk of operation of extraction process as the country was going through some natural challenges of flood and the cost of digging and drilling in that water would be millpond of dollars.

Duncan believed however that he could go pass all the odds. He was confident and came up with the process of using hydraulic fracturing, a new technology, that could be used for the old fashioned reservoirs. Talos took the bet and is now currently producing 48000 barrels on a single day and hopes to achieve a lot more in the coming future.

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Where is Brian Torchin Taking HCRC Next?

Brian Torchin is always determined to transform the healthcare sector into more quality service provision. He has received several endorsements and awards due to his determination and an outstanding career. Brian is said to be one of the most experienced medical practitioners with over 30 years of experience. From the three decades in operation, Brian Torchin was able to learn all the ordeals that medical practitioners face. Thus, he founded HCRC which was established with a core objective of assisting medics in staffing. Read more on Behance about Brian Torchin

Healthcare Recruitment Counsellors (HCRC) is a staffing and recruiting agency in the healthcare sector. It provides staffing services to dentists, orthodontists, gynecologists, and other players in the healthcare sector. As a long-time medical professional, Brian came across the ordeals that medics were facing in hiring and recruiting employees. The staffing and recruitment process usually takes a long time since you have to create a job advertisement, draft a hiring and requirements form and then set a hiring team aside. As described, this will consume more time and resources. In other cases, you might end up hiring the wrong candidate who can damage your reputation. With these reasons, Brian decided to create a hiring agency that would provide staff to the healthcare sector who would be best suited for the job and offer quality services to patients even on a weekend basis. HCRC also provides staffing services to legal firms. Through his social media platforms, Brian advises his fellow medical professionals to contact his staffing firm for accrued benefits.

Under the leadership of Brian Torchin, HCRC has succeeded as a staffing agency in the healthcare industry. The firm only started with offices in Delaware and Philadelphia. Today, HCRC has become among the leading staffing agencies across the globe with subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. Brian Torchin has succeeded in his career where he currently serves as the president of HCRC. The firm provides services to over 200 clients and companies. Brian is a community leader since he has enabled thousands of medical professionals to acquire job positions through HCRC. He states that he will continue to venture into the healthcare industry until patients are provided with efficient services. Read more:


Why Deirdre Baggot Is Working Bundled Payments Into Healthcare Systems

Over the past 10 years and beyond, health insurance has seen costs rise higher, yet consumers are not getting more for their premiums. There are healthcare professionals who also have backgrounds in business administration and accounting who are working to change things through lower costs and better care options such as bundled payments expert Deirdre Baggot. Deidre Baggot once said that bundled payments system her firm has rolled out have a track record of making healthcare more affordable since starting in 2010. She and her current team are working on new disruptive bundled payment constructs and are excited about where the future of health insurance packaging is heading.

Deirdre Baggot currently serves as Vice President of the Camden Group, formerly known as ECG Management Consultants that offers its bundled payment system to healthcare providers all across the nation. She achieved a high recognition in the field when she became a reviewer for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services running analysis on the Care Improvement Initiative. Her research on healthcare payment systems and finding new ways to innovate in physician consultation services and other primary health care within the bundled systems has led to the publishing of over 20 papers, and she travels to speak at different health seminars. Follow Deidre Baggot on Instagram

Dierdre Baggot attended nursing school at Southern Illinois University where she finished her first four years in the program, and then completed her master’s at the University of Colorado. She later got her business training at the Wharton school at University of Pennsylvania and the Loyola Business Graduate School. Prior to becoming a private healthcare bundled payment consultant she was an administrator at the Exempla Saint Joseph in Denver cardiovascular institute where she was instrumental in getting a pilot program started for a treatment. Other organizations that she’s given advisory services to include the Veterans Health Administration and Medicare Acute Care Episode Demonstration. Baggot has also made appearances at national media outlets and sat down for interviews for public radio, The New York Times and various television news shows. Baggot is working on her PhD in Health Administration and is also working with a major nursing board. View: