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The Many Uses of Shea Butter

Many people don’t even realize how many products contain Shea butter as a base. More and more companies are using more organic and natural ingredients in their products as consumers are becoming more and more interested in using natural products. Shea butter can be used as a base for soaps, lotions, lip balms, and even foods.

There are many uses for Shea butter and it is an important item to have around the house. You may not know this, but Shea butter can be used on minor burns and sunburns to relieve the heat. It can also be used on wrinkles and stretch marks. Most people just think of Shea butter as something to help with dry skin. It does help relieve dry, cracked skin and is very beneficial for that, but there are so many other uses. The vitamins E and A in the Shea butter help to minimize scars and helps with skin regenerations along with keeping the skin moist all day.

EuGenia Shea is a company that believes that Shea butter can benefit everyone. The company is named after Eugenia Akuete, who was born to a Ghanaian midwife. By the year 2000, EuGenia used this wonderful midwife’s best kept secret and starting making raw, unrefined Shea butter. The business has grown to what it is today with the help of hundreds of sustainably paid farmers, many of whom are mothers themselves.

When using EuGenia Shea you feel confident that not only are you getting a pure product, but also you are buying from a family-owned business that cares.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Makeup Enjoying 6-Year Ride To The Top

When you think about it, six years isn’t really a long time for a company to establish itself. By then, some companies have already shuttered their doors, unable to tap into the area they were aiming for. Doe Deere admits that running a major, independent company is not for the faint of heart, but if you stick it out, great things can happen.

Pretty things can happen, too, especially for a company that creates gorgeous makeup in bold, bright colors. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, a brand that has quickly attracted makeup addicts around the world, changing the way that color conforms to society.

Doe Deere with all her beautiful lavender hair sat down with to chat about her her company, social media success and recent recognition, named to the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine.

As a little girl born in Russia, Doe Deere loved playing with bright colors, believing in unicorns and other fantastical things and being a creative child. When her family moved to New York City, Doe Deere brought all those wonderful things with her and began to establish Lime Crime makeup.

Young girls and men, too, flocked to Lime Crime, excited to put on her Grunge Palette eye shadows in bruised peach and rusty red colors, along with her famous liquid-to-matte lipsticks in colors like Green, Blue, Cement, Squash and Raven.

Doe Deere had created a new world of beauty and one that didn’t have to conform to society’s boring beige palettes. There was no other makeup brand like hers, and Lime Crime exploded on social media. Today, Lime Crime has become the darling of Instagram with more than 2.2 million followers. Fans love sending their Lime Crime makeup selfies via hashtag ‘#LimeCrime’ across social media.

Doe Deere loves interacting with her large fan base, happy that her customers can share their favorite makeup looks together.

Check out LimeCrime here.

Ukraine Can Be Aided by George Soros

The financial crisis that is going on in Ukraine has been a major news story for quite a while now. Things seem to be getting worse for the country as time goes by. This has not escaped the notice of billionaire George Soros. He has been following the plight of Ukraine for many years because he has had a significant amount of money invested in this country. He was obviously horrified when he heard that Russian tanks had begun to roll into Ukraine in a military action that was condemned around the world. Soros has said that the economic situation in Ukraine has reached a very dangerous point. The country needs help from other nations if it is going to survive. Soros has taken it upon himself to design a plan that will allow Ukraine to get the financial aid it needs to maintain economic stability.

Russia was punished for its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by having devastating sanctions imposed against it. Trade for the country has become much more difficult as a result of the sanctions. It has also become impossible for some of the most powerful Russian people to gain access to their holdings in foreign countries. There can be no question that the sanctions have had their desired effect on the Russian economy. However, an unintended consequence of the sanctions imposed against Russia has been the serious economic troubles that Ukraine is experiencing.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

The plan that Soros proposed would require countries from around the world to entice some of their most successful companies to open up offices in Ukraine. Obviously, the companies would need to be given financial incentives in order to convince them to take this sort of risk. George Soros believes that an influx of big companies opening up their doors in Ukraine could give the country’s economy the boost that it needs to avert economic disaster.

Another concern for Soros has been the gas company known as Naftogaz. It is completely owned and operated by the Ukrainian government. It also provides all of the gas to the entire country without a single competitor. Soros sees this as a major stumbling block on Ukraine’s road to getting its economy back in shape. He believes that the way the company sets its gas rates is unfair and that having competition would be healthy. It would give people more gas for their money. According to Soros, having a company with a monopoly on such an important resource that everyone needs to survive is never a good thing.

Soros also wants to help many of the citizens in Ukraine who are having severe financial difficulties. He things that one of the best ways to do this is to give discounts on gas to people who are under a certain income level. He believes that immediate action must be taken on these issues.

Learn more about George Soros:–and-germany-in-particular–to-take-the-lead?barrier=true

Why Is Kenneth Goodgame So Important To True Value?

Kenneth Goodgame could be considered the most valuable executive at True Value because he is the senior VP who does merchandising. There are a lot of people who go into stores and do not even think about merchandising, but it is the way that the store looks when they show up. That is something that a lot of people need to keep in mind, and they need to be really sure that they have checked out True Value stores for their simple beauty.

Kenneth Goodgame is a brilliant merchandising mind who has managed to bring together the old school looks of True Value stores with modern products. The stores look like they would have back in the old days, but they have some modern products and styling that looks like it belongs in the newest stores. True Value is competing with other hardware companies, and they are doing so very well because they have their own look and their own style.

They also want to be sure that they are offering people a place to come that is quiet, fun and nice to look at. Ken Goodgame is very committed to making sure that his company is a nice place to visit, and he also makes sure that the company looks like it did back in the old days. People fell in love with True Value many moons ago when their grandparents were shopping there, and Kenneth Goodgame wants to be sure that he can recapture that feeling as much as possible.

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Talk Fusion’s Plans To Give Back

Talk Fusion, founded by Bob Reina, is a company that focuses on digital products to aid in promoting business online. The company launched to fill the gap in video email abilities, and has since grown to include more tools to aid business owners to grow and promote their business online through numerous marketing tools. On top of their digital tools, the company has chosen to spread their business platforms through a multilevel marketing platform. This allows the business to spread throughout the world through salespeople who can reach far and wide throughout the industry.

Along with a different marketing strategy,Talk Fusion also has a strong drive to help others. Company founder Bob Reina often says “With great success comes greater responsibility.”, and he has woven that theory into the very fabric of his company. Under his guidance he motivates his numerous employees to make a difference in the world by giving back. Reina himself has led the charge with a record-breaking $1 donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society as well as his life-saving involvement through generous donations to an Indonesian orphanage.

His involvement and urge to involve more people in the act of giving back is something that he feels strongly about, and he has recently launched a program at his company that allows every associate to donate a free Talk Fusion account to the charity of their choice.

The end goal is one that is quite simple, Reina wants to help nonprofit companies and charities across the globe to reach more people and spread their message, and he sees that his company has a unique ability to do just that. More information can be found here.


The Interests and Commitments of Avi Weisfogel

Did you know that Avi Weisfogel has a strong commitment not only in business ventures but also in charity and social media? I don’t think so. Avi Weisfogel is a serious business person who owns a dental hospital; Dental Sleep Masters based in New Jersey. After securing a BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from NY University College, he established Old Bridge Dental Care, his first dental practice in 1999. He managed this dental care for 15 years, earning Best Dentist accolade from his community, multiple times. Moreover, after spending a couple of years studying how patients suffering from sleep disorders could manage sleep, he established yet another health care; Healthy Heart Sleep, coordinating with various physicians across the world to establish and manage sleep laboratories. Watch Avi on YouTube below:

Avi Weisfogel is a father to six children. Being a father has taught him to be passionate about children, taking a keen initiative to help them deal with dental and health concerns. He has done this by supporting an international charity organization called Open Smile.

Open Smile was established in 1980 by a doctor and a partner nurse. At first, the company helped children only in the Philippines before growing and establishing its presence in over 80 countries across the world. Open Smile help children and young adults with facial deformities including Cleft Palate, Cleft Lips, Hemifacial Deformities, Carpenter Syndrome, Craniosynostosis, Treacher Collins Syndrome, and Romberg Disease among others. The organization has successfully completed over 200,000 surgical operations in more than 100 countries to date.

He contributed over $2,500 to the organization to ensure that for every mission they went to in distinctive countries, they would not only have enough medical staff but also supplies, equipment and other necessities.

Avi Weisfogel is also super active on social media platform. He maintains a Facebook and Twitter account where he details his charity and business undertakings, sharing them with his countless followers and friends.

Why Eric Pulier is a Successful Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an accomplished entrepreneur with over 15 successful ventures to his name. He is also a published author and columnist, avid technologist, public speaker and philanthropist. Pulier has had a widely successful career and has risen to the top due to his industrious and creative nature. Today, he donates his hard earned wealth to various causes of his choice.


Eric Pulier has founded numerous companies that have done well in their respective markets. These include US Interactive, Akana, ServiceMesh, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Media Platform and Digital Evolution.

Pulier also has vast interests in charitable organizations and venture capital funds including: eCompanies, Monitor Ventures, Trident Capital and a host of other alliances in the technology sector. However, these alliances are still in formulation and will be announced when completed. Pulier has also shown interest in seed level startups with numerous potential for success. Many of the companies he has invested in have gone on to become successful.

Education Background

Pulier is a graduate of Teaneck High School. He graduated in 1984 and later got admission to attend Harvard University where he attained his BA. He graduated from Harvard (Magna Cum Laude) in 1988. He studied American Literature, English, Visual and Environmental Studies as well as Computer Science. At Harvard, he authored and edited PulierLeg for Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Pulier’s Work for the U.S. Government

Pulier was selected to manage an event dubbed “Bridge to the 21st Century.” The event commemorated the 2nd inauguration of President Bill Clinton and his Vice President, Al Gore. The event was held at the Washington D.C. Mall and was attended by thousands of Americans including government officials and elected representatives. Pulier’s management made the event a huge success and earned him a spot of V.P. Al Gore’s team working on technology and health care.


He developed a multimedia educational program that teaches people about Multiple Sclerosis. He has also been involved in U.S. Doctors for Africa, Clinton Global Initiative, ACE Foundation, Campaign for Free College Tuition and XPRIZE Foundation.

Diversant Is A Brilliant Place To Go For A New Business Computer Systems

Diversant was founded by John Goullet to help people with business computer systems, and he wanted to show all his clients that there is a better way to do things. They all have to hire a computer expert, and that is why Diversant is on the job. John Goullet has collected a large team of people who know how to help create better business IT systems. They are a large company that has grown to offer service on existing systems, create new systems or offer advice on a system. It all depends on what the client needs, and John Goullet checks in to be sure that he is offering his clients the best options.

A client that approaches Diversant today is working with a team that John leads personally, and every member of the team is capable of putting out large amounts of work at one time. They work closely with their clients, and they talk through everything with their clients before a system is delivered. John Goullet manages the team from his office, and he makes sure that the level of service is very high. Everyone who needs better IT systems will get all that they need at once, and they can come back for more service if they need it.

The first step in updating the way a company works is making sure that the new system is designed just for the client. The client can walk away with something that looks amazing, and they will learn how to use it as if they made it on their own. Follow John on Facebook and check out his YouTube channel.

Owens and Dondero Team Up for Promoting Dallas’ Philanthropy

James Dondero and Linda Owens announced recently in Dallas that they will team up to enhance the strategic direction of all of Highland Capital Management, L.P.’s many philanthropic activities now that the company’s charitable program will be expanding exponentially. She is a renowned Dallas civic leader and he is co-founder/president of Dallas’ own Highland Capital, which also administers charitable funds distribution through The Dallas Foundation. The foundation is currently focusing on a number of worthy causes like the Center for Brain Health, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, the American Heart Association, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the Dallas Zoo.

Highland Capital began in 1993 when it was founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero. Now Highland Capital, in association with several affiliates, is responsible for controlling some $17 billion worth of assets. In addition, the company is also specializing in numerous credit strategies, such as credit hedge funds and CLOs.

With many successful years of involvement in portfolio management, which also includes emerging market debt, high-yield bonds, derivatives, mortgage-backed securities, both common and preferred stocks, investment grade corporations, and leveraged bank loans, Dondero is also in charge of administering contributions to charitable organizations via The Dallas Foundation totaling more than $3 million. He also serves as one of the directors of Cricket Communications, Inc., Prospect Street High Income Portfolio Inc., MGM Holdings Inc., and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Source: Dallas- Business Wire –

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Goettle Air Conditioning – Preventing Heat Related Sickness in your Animals

Goettl Air Conditioning is one of the leading air conditioning companies in the Las Vegas area. They have been providing exceptional services since 1939 and take great pride in providing excellent services to customers within the community. Goettl Air Conditioning understands how much we love and care for our furry friends, and has suggested some very useful tips to help us as pet owners keep in mind how it affects them. I know that I will most definitely be keeping these in mind next time I venture outside with my pooches.

1. Paws and Pavement
If I place the back of my hand on the pavement for 10 seconds and it burns my hand, it’s definitely going to burn the paws of our animals.

2. Use Sunscreen
It’s important to utilized pet safe sun screen on our animals with short hair and keep in mind to try and keep them in the shade as much as possible.

3. Keep them Groomed
This is important for animals with long hair especially. Keeping their hair cut at a decent length will help with their circulation and in return, keep them cooler during the summer months of high heat.

4. Always Keep Water Nearby
Since our pets can’t necessarily cool themselves down naturally like we can, it’s important to always have fresh, cool water nearby.

5. Check Your Garage
I always like to check and make sure there isn’t anything in the garage that can become harmful to my animals such as leaking anti-freeze from my car. Some dogs will eat anything, and it’s always best to be safer than sorry.

Implement these tips into the care for your pet and your summer routine, and you will both be happy campers.

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Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat